ROW80 2012 Check-in – Shhhhhhhh!

I don’t want to tempt fate by shouting too loudly, but…

My progress to this check-in has gone really well!

After all that’s been going on lately to have a smooth run has been such a welcome relief.
The Goals –
You can see the full break down of my original goals here
My goals for this check-in were:
  • write some blog posts – I did two that went down really well, Monday’s post bought in my highest amount of traffic in a single day ever, 576 hits.
  • comment on some blogs – I only 9 did Β but it’s better than none
  • work on assignments – I managed to get a complete first draft of my Sociology assignment done, so I just have to tidy it up now and send it off
  • keep on top of emails – I have to catch up again today, because I ignored them yesterday while doing my assignment, but otherwise I have been keeping on top of them.

I guess mainly I’m just glad to have had such a massively productive day yesterday and getting back on track with my assignment that I don’t mind too much that I haven’t done a huge amount of other stuff.

I’m still not gonna push it too hard for Sunday’s check-in, as the priority is still to finish off the assignment, as such my goals for the next check-in are:

  • Finish and send my assignment
  • Write some blog posts
  • Keep on top of emails

How has your week been?Β 

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