Mental Health Mondays – Spring is in the air

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Spring is coming, the day’s are getting lighter, brighter and warmer. The breeze is fresh and gentle. And life is returning to the world, colour in flowers, leaves on trees.

Will the change of season bring some solace and freshness to those of us with mental health conditions too I wonder?

Just how much do the changing seasons affect us?

Pretty much everyone has heard of SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. The condition that affects numerous people, most commonly in Winter, bringing with it deep depression and suffering.

But how much do the changing seasons affect the rest of us?

Are we all at the whim of this, or is having a mental health condition more likely to make you feel the shifts even more?

For me, I do notice that during the lighter, brighter months I have a tendency to have ‘more’ good days than I do in the dark, dreary months.

I’m not saying that I am well during this time, far from it.

Damn, I’d even go so far as to say that overall despite it’s location amongst the warmer part of the year April has a habit of bringing some of the worst times, I noticed a pattern of having my biggest fall-outs, crashes, crises and episodes during April many times, the last few years especially.

But overall, I still have more ‘good’ days on average in spring and summer, than I do in Autumn and winter.

I am about to embark on a fresh start, today I sign the contracts on my new home and over the next few days and weeks I will move into this place with the ambition of trying to find myself and try to rebuild and rejuvenate my relationship with my children – that has been very neglected of late due to me having being so wrapped up in ‘escaping’ myself that I have also ‘escaped’ everyone else at the same time.

Things need to change, for me to get better and for my children to have their mom back.

It will be a difficult period of transition, but I am hoping that the additional bonus of the changing season and the little lifts that brings for me will help make it go more smoothly.

I know this post is rather shorter than my usual stuff, I guess it’s a knock on effect of being in such a dark place right now as with so many other things in my life.

But I am hoping that spring will bring me a bit more light in my life and help to lift me to a more stable and comfortable place where I can bring back the focus, drive and determination that I thrive on.

Currently I’m lucky if  I have one productive useful day in a week, I want that to grow, of course I’m as prepared as I can be for the bad days that will no doubt continue to plague me, but it’s not too much to ask for to have a few more better days is it?

What about you?

Do the seasons have an impact on your life and moods?


6 comments on “Mental Health Mondays – Spring is in the air

  1. For sure, weather has an effect on my mood. If it’s bad weather, I just want to hibernate. If it’s nice weather, I just love, even if it’s the spring sunshine on my face and the warm feeling. I find it very relaxing. No rain or wind etc!

    Here’s to good weather!

    The quiet Borderline

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