Thoughtful Thursday: Poem – Belonging…

We Belong - 100% StrongIt’s thoughtful Thursday so I thought I would share a little poem with you about ‘Belonging’

When you feel you don’t belong

There’s no where you fit in

Always you just tag along

Never invited to join in


Always on the outside

You watch them grow

You just want to curl and hide

So they will never know


Groups and gatherings

Fun nights out and in

Even if you are there

You’re just a shadow to them


Will you ever find a place?

Will someone let you in?

Or will you always be the face

On the outside looking in?


Always feeling so alone

In a room full of laughter

Do they see you’re on your own?

Does it even matter?



9 comments on “Thoughtful Thursday: Poem – Belonging…

  1. Good morning, Sharon. Ever since our family’s close encounter with BPD I’ve come to believe that people with BPD are some of the most honest people in the world. Thank you for the reminder of how it is on the “inside.” You do matter. God bless you..

  2. I suffer from BPD and this describes how I feel in a lot of social situations. I always feel like the outsider. I always feel like I’m the one trying to infiltrate the beast. Thanks for sharing.

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