Do you have any ideas to help? games suitable for young people with Autism to help build teamwork and social skills – please get in touch if you have some ideas! 😀

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Our Spectrum Club, a youth group for young people with Aspergers is growing in numbers and our younger group ( aged 10-15) are stuggling with the concept of group games. One game of Pictionary later and we were left puzzled and mentally exhausted through trying to make a success of the game. We are persistent though and are determined to try a new game every session with the aim of improving their social skills within group settings.

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  1. My son has a very mild form of high functioning autism. He is younger than than the group you are mentioning. What about a twister game? That way the partipate and actually get stimulation from the contact. Not sure if that would be an appropriate game or not. Wish I had more suggestions. 😦

  2. I have a nephew diagnosed with Asperger’s, who is nearly 8. A neighbor boy Miah and Lise enjoy playing with is 11, and also has Asperger;s.

    I’ve noticed that both are calmer playing outside. They really do well at games like tag, hide-and-seek, ans simple ball games like catch and monkey-in-the-middle.

    I think the simplicity of the rules, and having enough space to not be crowded, as well as games where less physical dexterity or trouble in carrying on conversations aren’t as likely to present problems, because there is more movement that agility or talking.

    Pictionary seems like a very abstract type of game for minds that work literally, and it relies, to a degree on body language cues that could easily be missed.

    So, I’m thinking “good” games would:

    Have simple and easily understood rules
    Be outside or in larger spaces
    Rely more on movement than dexterity
    Have clear roles for the children to assume
    More reliance on teamwork than talking
    Concrete and logical rather than abstract and intuitive

    I know it’s been a while, and maybe you’ve already found successful games. If not, i hope these ideas help. =)

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