Flash Fiction Friday – The Pole

It’s Friday again so that must mean ‘Flash Fiction’

Français : Figure de pole dance

The Pole

Snaking her hips around the pole Lily was the centre of attention. Men were drooling over her svelte figure, mouths agape as she shimmied and slithered.

Being a pole dancer wasn’t Lily’s dream role but it was fun, she worked hard as an accountant by day, but after the stuffiness of the office she needed a release, so her second job was more like a hobby really. A few nights a week she pole danced till late. It bought in more money than a week’s work in the financial world – which is really saying something! But the money didn’t matter to her. She loved the feel of the pole between her legs, she loved dressing up and most of all she loved watching how others watched her as she danced around the pole.

She was what you would call pure ‘sex on legs’, a perfect 10 in every sense of the saying.

But Lily had a secret one could never guess by looking at her now. fast approaching 30 and still a virgin. You would have thought Lily could have any man she wanted being such a stunner, but Lily wasn’t interested in men – women were her passion. Yet even here she had an unusually low success rate when it came to seducing other women.

It was a complete mystery because Lily’s personality was every bit as beautiful as her body. She was smart, fun and successful in everything.

Except the one thing she desired most… Love


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