Flash Fiction Friday – Housewarming

It’s Friday again so time for another piece of my writing for you.

I’m enjoying this as a little foray into writing without the burden of churning out several hundred pages to make a book.

What do you think?

Is flash fiction fun?

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Clare burst out laughing as she tried to repeat the line she had messed up, but again it came out wrong.

“Trousers in pockets…”

This caused her to crack up even more, her sides hurt she was laughing so hard. Then Jane pushed two marshmallows into her cheeks and looking like a demented hamster squeaked something inaudible at Clare making the laughter turn to tears. Clare’s ribs felt like they would burst through her chest as a horrendous snort came out of her which made Jane almost choke on the marshmallows.

It couldn’t possibly get any worse, for fun of course. What had started out as a small celebration had almost turned into a riot. Clare didn’t know who half of the people were who had crammed into her small house and she had spent most of her house-warming night chasing round trying to prevent these strangers causing any serious damage.

Of course getting progressively more drunk herself didn’t help and she just couldn’t be bothered to try and get them to leave, everyone was having so much fun and she loved it.

Eventually people began slipping away and those that remained were sleeping noisily in drunken stupors and their own vomit. Clare had allowed herself to sleep lightly too, but awakened early hoping to start cleaning up as her uninvited guests rose and left. Upon waking however Clare realised she would need some heavy duty cleaning products so she decided to pop off to the local supermarket and grab some, it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

That was her biggest mistake, or possibly her great escape.

The queues in the supermarket were already massive and it took much longer than planned.

Clare could see smoke on the horizon as she waddled out of the supermarket with her heavy bags. The air tasted acrid and the need to empty her stomach of last nights alcohol threatened to delay her further, but she managed to push the sensation building in her throat away as she strolled towards home. The smoke was clearly sign of a large fire, although the direction didn’t immediately provide any further clues and anyway Clare was far too distracted with controlling the stomach contents and thoughts of cleaning to consider it any further.

It wasn’t until reaching her street that it became apparent that her home was the source of the fire…

5 people died in her home that morning and to make matters worse Clare was the main suspect. Arson was suspected and the police believed Clare had deliberately set fire to her home in retaliation against the gate-crashers and for an insurance payout. Clare couldn’t believe it, but what could she do?

She told the truth about all that had happened, never the type to hide things. Of course it had been annoying that strangers had entered her home and party, but surely if she was that bothered she would have called the police? and besides, she wouldn’t, couldn’t hurt anybody.

Clare sighed as her lawyer looked her up and down when she finished explaining the events of the night and morning to him. did he even believe her? Clare wasn’t sure of anything any more. Her heart was breaking, she had lost everything in that fire, including her best friend. Who could she turn to now?


12 comments on “Flash Fiction Friday – Housewarming

  1. WOW! That was a wild ride!

    I am loving flash fiction, to the point where I’m considering taking the next round off from novel-writing, and just do essays and flash pieces.

    They are honing me, giving me a sharp sense of the value of each word, and they are like these amazing little jewels I can create and polish in the little spaces that are my most frequent writing spaces……

    • I know what you mean, I am enjoying them so much. I’m beginning to think that maybe I don’t even have a book in me, just lots and lots of short stories! lol

  2. Ooh, poor girl. I liked how you took care of this prompt. 🙂

    I happen to be a huge fan of flashes. Having just come off a few months of writing an assortment of long stories, writing flashes is almost a gear change. It’s still hard, but I’m not stressing myself out trying to come up with ideas.

    • Glad you like it 🙂 I find it fun to be able to just let it flow and come to a natural end when writing flash, and yeah less stressful!

  3. Wow! I was not expecting the story to go there! How heart breaking….. Poor Clare…
    I am having a blast with Flash Fiction Friday.. it is my favorite post to do!!

    Great job, Sharon!

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