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After last weeks post on scheduling and adding images to your sidebar I was asked to write about how you set up your blog to publicise posts on social network sites, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So, here goes…

As with all things at WordPress.com setting this up is actually very simple.

First of all though you will need to make sure you have accounts at each of the sites you wish to connect with. So get over and get yourself a Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn account, or at least those that you wish to use.

Okay, done that?

Now back at your WordPress site go to:


Right, now at the top of the page you should see the following:

Only yours will not say ‘Disconnect from …’ as you have not yet set them up they should all say ‘Connect to …’

Click on the ‘Connect to …’ option on the first site you wish to connect with. (Yes, as you can see you can also connect to your Yahoo and Messenger accounts if you wish – I don’t use these myself so I’m not connected there.) A box like this should pop up on your screen:

Click on the ‘Authorize connection with …’ button and you will be taken to the appropriate screen for the site you wish to connect with.

Once there sign in to your account, or follow any instructions that come up on screen (these can vary depending on the site you are connecting to)

Once you have done this the sites will show as ‘connected’ like you can see for my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn sites in the first mage above.

Also, should you want to stop publishing via any of these methods the ‘disconnect from…‘ option will now be available.

Scroll down and click ‘Save Changes

While on this page you probably noticed a bundle of ‘sharing buttons’ in the next half of the page. Drag each any of  these that you want you readers to be able to use to share your posts into the ‘enabled services’ area, this way your readers will be able to help share your writing with others as well (I have all of these options available for my readers at the bottom of each post I write).

Underneath there you can make further adjustments to the sharing options:

  • Button Style – select the style of button you want these sharing options to appear as, either ‘Icon +text’ ‘Icon only’ ‘Text only’ or ‘Official buttons’
  • Sharing Label – the default is ‘Share this:’ but you can put whatever text you want to appear next to your sharing buttons in the box provided.
  • Open Links in – Choose to have links open in a ‘new window’ or the ‘same window’ as your post, personally I set this to ‘new window’ as I think my readers may not prefer to have to flick back and forth from the link to my post, but I guess some might prefer the other way…
  • Show Buttons on – Choose where you want the buttons to appear by ticking the boxes, I have the sharing buttons available on all the options here, but you may not want certain pages to be shared in which case you can un-tick any boxes for those you don’t wish to use.

And finally you have the ‘WordPress.com Like Button’ I like to have this option available for my WordPress.com readers as it is a way they can let you know they have read and enjoyed a post even if they didn’t have time (or something to say) to leave a comment, obviously comments are much nicer, but sometimes it’s just enough to let people know you passed by! So, I would suggest turning this on too.

Again, don’t forget to click SAVE when you have finished changing things!

Having connected to your social media sites you can now edit the options of publicising your posts within the post as described in last weeks tips, which you can read here.

I also wrote a how to guide for 5 basic elements of WordPress last year which you can read here

Hope this has been helpful, if there are any other things you would like me to explain how to set-up for your WordPress.com blog I will do my best to either answer in the comments (if it’s brief) or write a post about how to do whatever it is, so feel free to leave a comment on anything you are struggling with 🙂


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    • 😦 When you hover your mouse over settings does a list of options not appear? It should show a list of 13 options starting with ‘general’ and going down to ‘webhooks’. Sharing is the 7th on the list.

      • Settings:

        All other – what follows – are links from plugins. And I assume, that you use a plugin for sharing via social networks?

      • Ahh yes that would be the thing, my tips are more for WordPress.com users than self-hosted WordPress.org users. You will need to find a plugin sorry 😦

  1. Great post. I love the sharing option and use it for Twitter and Linked In (though I am not a good networker on that site–only so much time), but I wish WordPress.com had a sharing option for Goodreads. I’ve seen some people get their blogs linked to Goodreads, but I don’t think that’s an option for WordPress.com users. At least not that I’ve found.

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