Where can you find a great TV show for Gamers? Gametank.TV that’s where! – Guest Post by Dan

Gaming TV shows.

Can you think of any?


Can you think of any from the last 10 years?


Can you think of any that are still on?


If you’re still answering yes, congratulations – you’re clearly a huge gamer. Or a knowledgeable TV executive. Either way, you should immediately check out www.gametank.tv, our YouTube channel for gaming and gamers.

For everyone else, I should explain. Sharon has very kindly let me write this guest blog about a project me and some good friends set up in 2009.

Being long-term, hardcore gamers ourselves, we spotted this gap in the market for a properly made, knowledgeable, passionate and funny TV show about video games and gaming. “GEEKS!” You might think. You’re probably right. But here’s the thing. Gaming has shifted over the last 20 years from spotty young guys in their bedrooms playing through the night to a completely acceptable widespread hobby that’s just as acceptable as film-going, TV watching and listening to music. Indeed, certain games – such as last year’s Modern Warfare 3 – can boast being the biggest entertainment launches of their respective years. Imagine that – a game making more money than any movie or album! But it’s happened.

Unfortunately, despite programmes and even whole channels dedicated to music and movies – and countless other hobbies – there’s almost no such services for gamers.

And quite frankly there should be!

The programmes that do exist are frankly not very good. They feel like they were cheap to make, the people who make them don’t seem to know games nearly half as well as they should and they NEVER (in my case at least) hold my attention for their entire duration.

In short, they lack personality. They don’t connect with their intended audience, and they don’t last very long. The only one that ever really hit its target is GamesMaster, which is probably the one that came to mind at the very top of this blog, right? It was great, but the last episode of GamesMaster aired on February 3rd 1998. That’s an eternity ago in gaming terms.

So myself and a few good friends starting musing in our breaks at work about whether we could create something to fill this gap.

This is how GameTank was born, back in mid-2008 as an idea.

We spent a lot of time just chatting and brainstorming and writing things down and about a year later we started making our own videos and uploading them to YouTube. I’m in no position to say whether it’s any good or not, I’ll let you decide for yourselves if it’s the kind of thing you’re interested in.

But since launching, we’ve hit our own set of problems.

You see, gaming videos on YouTube are ten a penny. They’re probably even twenty a penny! We like to think we’re doing something different with our approach, but getting noticed is tough.

Now, our long term aim is be one of the “go to” places for gaming information, but this whole plan revolves around being seen by the right people. We have to relentlessly push ourselves and take any opportunity we can to get our name out there.

One of the best ways to keep interest in the YouTube channel (and by association, the Facebook and Twitter pages) is to just keep coming up with new content as often as we possibly can. Not difficult, you would think, with the sheer amount of content the games industry is churning out. But with scripts to write, graphics to make, links to film… all these things are necessary to the show we want to make. And we want to make it even better than it is already.

So, what do we do?

We keep going! There are plenty of tried and tested methods out there for getting your name about, but they cost money that we just don’t have.

There’s a strange buzz we get every time we post a new video to YouTube. Something along the lines of, “Is this the one?” This is because, on this here internet, sometimes things go viral.

We’re one small team, in one small corner of the planet putting together what we think is a great show for gamers, by gamers – but one of them might just get picked up, and shared, and spread all over the globe. We can’t count on it, but it’s not impossible. And it would really put us in business! Being in business is exactly where we want to be.

All because we wanted to watch a TV show about games that didn’t exist!

Dan Morris,

Producer, GameTank



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