Flash Fiction Friday – Taxi to all time…

London Taxi cab #4

London Taxi cab #4 (Photo credit: yago1.com)

Its Flash Fiction Friday again, so another short story for you from me…

They were both giggling like school kids as they stumbled into the taxi, her not even letting go of his arm.

“I’m seriously smashed,we really shouldn’t be doing this.” he smiled at her, the dimple in his cheek and twinkle in his eyes saying the opposite – how much he really wanted to do this.

She smiled back and kissed him on the cheek as he lent forward and told the taxi driver where to take them before leaning back and slipping an arm around her shoulders.

“Thanks for that” He said to her with his usual level of fun sarcasm.

As normal she didn’t say a word. Whenever she was around him this way her intelligence faltered and she was struck dumb, only able to giggle. She was besotted by him, many questioned if it was love or lust, she didn’t know what it was all she knew was that she wanted this more than anything every time she saw him.

She thought of how many times they had sneaked away in this manner, only for their indiscretions to be known regardless of neither of them uttering a word of it. Their not so secret affair was constantly causing them trouble that both did not want. Nobody could deny the chemistry between them, it was obvious even at the times they avoided contact, merely catching each others eye across the room. But, their body language and behaviour betrayed their attempts to play down their wanton yearning.

Of course people asked why they didn’t just get it together, and the excuses would rain down littered with truthful realities from her being so much older than him, to family responsibilities and differences in lifestyles but in truth there was nothing that could not be overcome with some effort from both sides – so why didn’t they just do it?

The taxi slowed, he had spent the whole journey chatting away with the driver about nothing in particular, while she had pondered about why they felt the need to hide their love. They paid the fair and stepped out.

“What are we doing?” He asked. That same hint of denial, suggesting he didn’t want to be with her as if someone was listening and he had to keep up the act of there being nothing going on.

She just smiled and grabbed his arm again, which she had somehow let go of as they got out of the taxi. With a gentle tug she led him down the path before them.

It was late, dark and quiet. No-one else was around, even the birds had gone to sleep so the only sound once the taxi left was the distant traffic on the highway.

The pathway was intermittently lit by lampposts that were shaded by the trees.

A short way along the path she stopped and pulled him through the bushes there into a dark clearing. Turning to face him, she was again entrapped by his long lashed, twilight blue eyes. They had stopped giggling now, an air of seriousness washing over them both.

He pulled her into a long, deep kiss and their hands began to wander, plucking away each others clothes. The cold night air unfelt by their alcohol warmed bodies as they fell embracing on to the damp ground.

They enjoyed each others bodies for a while with such passion and chemistry that they almost became one, before laying back and staring at the red hued, star speckled sky above through the branches of the still winter bare trees.

Eventually, she rolled over and with her arms folded on his chest she stared at the beauty of his face, the longing within her not abating in the slightest. She wanted to bottle this moment and keep it forever. That messy, unkempt hair, that slender, petite body, those gentle, oil filthy hands. There wasn’t an inch of his body that she found displeasing, the same of his witty, cocky arrogant nature that so wound up other people just endeared him to her.

His hands ran over her sweat moistened skin, the passion within the both still clearly not subsiding. There was so much she wanted to say but the words running through her head did not form into speech.

He gently hoisted her up so their faces were aligned and kissed her again. Then playfully pushed her off him, so she rolled back over next to him.

Easing himself off the ground he started to retrieve his clothing and she followed suit, the giggles beginning to return now as they snuck glances at each other all the while.

Once clothed, they moved together again. She slipped her arms around his waist and pushed her hips into his, leaning back slightly with her upper body to ensure she had a full view of his face.

He looked at her now differently, the most earnest look he had ever given her. The time for play was over.

It was time to go.

They both knew there was no other way, being together in this life, in this world wasn’t an option for them.

Emerging from the bushes they walked hand in hand, silently, sadly.

Ahead of them the great old bridge loomed into view, almighty and doom ridden. This was it.

He helped her up onto the wall, then joined her as they stood there looking out at the expanse of the lake far beneath. There were no guarantees this would work, but the drop was such that it seemed likely and at 3am there was no-one around to see them jump and mount a rescue operation.

As they kissed again a tear slipped from her eye, he wiped it away with his thumb when he looked at her.

Hugging her to him deeply for a final time he told her that he did love her and would give anything for things to be different so they could be together in this world. But, they both knew that wouldn’t happen. So it didn’t change anything.

A final kiss and they unwrapped themselves from each others caress.

Standing side-by-side, hand-in-hand. They looked at each other, quietly mouthing 1…2…3… and jumped…


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