How to move home quickly – 5 days from empty house to complete lived in home. My story

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So as my regular readers will know I have recently moved home. I did it quickly, from one house to another fully unpacked in just 5 days.

Everyone is amazed how quickly I got it done to the point my new place looks like I’ve been living there for ages rather than less than a month.

Here’s how I did it…

Prior to Day 1 I had already set up my accounts for the water, TV license and planned the sorting of other utilities supplies. I had not started packing any stuff in the old house prior to Day 1.

Day 1.

Got the keys to the new place at 2pm. started packing boxes and bags with things. Went over with CDs in boxes and the CD wall units. Erected the units and filled them up straight away with the CD’s (fully alphabetized). Measured up for curtains and wardrobes.

Slept in old house.

Pictures of new house at Day 1 before moving (The pictures are not the best as they were taken on my phone)


Dining area


Son's room

Daughter's room

My room


Day 2.

Called utilities supplies to ensure services would be available for moving in at the end of the week. Went to appointment at Job Centre and council to sort out my benefits, rent and council tax. Went to new house with boxes of DVD’s and items from my daughter’s room. Built new wardrobes for daughter’s room. Collected boxes of books from old house and the bookcases and bought them to the new house and refilled immediately. Bought curtains and hung them up. Cleaning and tidying new house as I go.

Slept in old house.

Day 3.

Took stuff from son’s room to new house. Waited in for deliveries of wardrobes at old house then went to new house and built wardrobes. While doing this daughter and son were emptying their bags and boxes of stuff into their rooms.

Slept in old house.

Day 4.

Removal team moved all large items from old house to new house. All items put into place, including plumbing in washing machine. Sofa’s in position, Kitchen Table, beds and all the rest. Continued bringing boxes and bags of things over from old house and unpacking each one straight away. Lounge fully set-up by now although TV unusable due to needing a new aerial lead. My wardrobes and kids rooms all sorted. Cleaning up old house as things leave.

Many thanks to White’s of Worcester for an excellent removal service!

Children slept in new house, I slept in old house as I had to get bedding for my new bed in the morning.

Day 5.

Moved all smaller kitchen equipment over and unpacked immediately. Went to an appointment. Bought my new bedding and made up my bed. Sorted out bathroom. Got TV working. House now fully moved except for my stuff in the office, loft and shed at the old house.

Me and the kids all slept in new house together for the first time.

Pictures of house at Day 5 (only thing not done is pictures on walls) Kid’s rooms already look like lived in mess!


Dining Area


Son's room

Daughter's room

My room


Day 6.

Moving more left overs and general tidying, organising and sorting. Now fully moved, the only thing missing in the new place is pictures on the wall!!

Now fully living in new house.

After the move was completed I just had little bits and pieces to sort here and there, like getting stuff out of the loft at the old place and putting up pictures in the new place. I had organised for my phone line and internet to be connected on Day 10 (the earliest slot they could offer me) but unfortunately due to problems with cables (their issue not mine) I am still without phone and internet on Day 19, but other than that I now have the pictures up and everything else is sorted!

That is how I moved house in just 5 days and did not have months on end of boxes lying around awaiting unpacking!

My top tips for making the move go smoothly

  • Plan in advance as much as you can with regard to the services and utilities you will need in your new home
  • Don’t pack too soon and when you do do it quickly a room at a time – if you wont be able to unpack straight away label the boxes/bags for the room they will go into in your new place.
  • Unpack as soon as the cupboard/wardrobe/unit space is available for your items – delaying unpacking any box will only make you keep on delaying!
  • Get help!
  • If you can stay the nights elsewhere while you get the new house sorted this will make the whole process much easier as you can follow the steps I took above and be done in days!

What about you? What is the quickest time you have managed to fully move house in?


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    • Thanks Quiet, it has been a relief that it went so smoothly with the internet hassles I don’t think I could’ve coped with moving being tough as well!

  1. I’m an army brat. We moved all the time when I was growing up. My mom would use solid boxes and keep them turn them upside down and throw a tablecloth over them and use them as side tables in the house and other things. She could pack up our house in a day. It sounds like you could be related. lol

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