ROW80 2012 Check-in – Final check-in for Round 1

So this is it, Round 1 done (well tomorrow is the last day officially but today is final check-in).

It has been a rollercoaster round for me, looking back over the last 80 days so much has happened in and out of the challenge…

Let’s start by looking at the challenge itself…
The Goals –

Blogging –

  • At least 5 posts per week (not including check-ins) – Well as I haven’t missed a single day without a post on my blog, I must have managed to keep up with this one! lol
  • Guest posts (me writing for others and others for me) and interviews – I’ve had a couple of guests on my blog and had a couple of guest spots myself, so again good 🙂
  • Pages – Keep up to date – I didn’t really managed this one for a number of reasons, so will roll it over to the next round.
  • Comments – read and comment/like at least 10 blogs per week and keep up with responding to comments on my blog – Until the lack of internet I was doing more than 10 comments a week, so overall a good result here 😀


At least 1 book per week  (fiction or non fiction)– to meet 50/50 (Fifty/Fifty.Me) challenge and reduce my ‘to be read’ pile – currently reading Catch 22 and Daemon. I have completed reading 11 other books (including the Hunger Games trilogy) so again, a good hit rate!

At least one news article per week – Started off good, slacked and then dropped when I moved house.

Do any Beta Reading that I have lined up – I did one beta read at the start of the round, none since.


At least 500 words per week on any of my 3 wip’s. Priority on ‘The Way I See It’ my BPD book – hmmm, not good.  Started out  good with 9649 words (although most of these were copied from blog posts) then died completely before on one-off surge of 12856 words then none again till now. Although that does mean my daily average came in at 281 words per day over the 80 days, which makes it look better 😉


At least 1 drawing per week, either for pleasure, wip or comic strip. Blog it, why chose to draw this, what it is etc – Didn’t really get anything done on this.


At least 30 mins every other day, either wii fit, step or pilates (maybe join a pilates class?) –  Don’t make me laugh! Running to the pub one afternoon doesn’t really count!


OU weekly requirements – Thankfully this one didn’t slack at all, I have got all my assignments in when they were due even when I had a panic and thought I was going to be late with one it ended up fine, scores have been good in the 70-85% range which is pleasing.

Complete at least one study block of Business course per week – A delayed start but just about keeping up now that it’s off, not having internet is slowing my progress now though as it’s an online course!


Emails – keep up with reading, responding and tidy inbox weekly – just about managed to keep on top of this throughout

Music – Add at least 5 CD’s per week to back-up/itunes etc on laptop/server – Did quite a lot to begin with but none lately.

Movies – Watch at least one NEW film per week for 50/50 challenge – Total new films watched 6, so a bit behind on this but will catch up soon as I have ordered a few BPD films to watch and will be going to the cinema again soon 🙂

TV Shows – watch Bones, House and The Walking Dead weekly episodes – Watched when I could, a bit behind now due to internet as I watch online but all in all on target 🙂

Photography – Approach 1 stranger, photograph them and blog about it – Well I started well, did 2 then life got in the way, I would like to give this another try for the next round, but maybe just as a once a month thing?


A very mixed bag of achievement and failure there but when you consider everything else I think I am lucky to have done this much. the other things that have occurred this round include:

BPD crisis phases several times

Getting stoned

Training courses

Family things

and MOVING house 🙂

How has the round gone for you? Catch you in the next round

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16 comments on “ROW80 2012 Check-in – Final check-in for Round 1

  1. As always, I come away from your posts feeling awed by how much you manage to accomplish in so short a time, Sharon. You may not have achieved your “goals” but you’ve…it almost seems…a lifetime in these past 80 days. Wow! Next ROW I expect we’ll be seeing you taking a position at 10 Downing St. 😉

  2. I’m floored by the scope of your goals. Blogging 5 times a week, plus a 50/50 challenge plus… And you did great!
    I’m posting my final update tomorrow. See you in round 2 🙂

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