Flash Fiction Friday – Hidden in the mist

‘Ships log: There 3473 passengers and crew aboard the Grand Horn cruise ship, a sickness began to pass through a few member so f the crew 11 hours ago and now it seems that I Captain Evans am the lone survivor of whatever is causing my passengers and crew to eat each other alive. We are due to arrive in England at 0430 hours tomorrow, less than 24 hours after the sickness began. I don’t know what to do…’

The vessel slipped silently along with the tide. I peered out into the mist wondering how close to shore we were and what I would do once we got there.

Alone on the bridge, I thought about the passengers and crew below with a heavy heart.  Whatever this sickness was that had overcome them and caused so much terror and bloodshed was not something I could unleash on the unsuspecting nation, but I had no way to let them know what I was bringing to their shore. All communications had long since been lost when I had to cut off all power to the cruise ship in a vain attempt to trap the hoards of grotesque creatures in the decks below.

I have been bitten by one of these sick people and I was gradually beginning to feel that the sickness is consuming me too.

I closed my eyes and stared at the blood redness I could see of my eyelids, hunger filled me. I felt myself slipping away.

Shaking myself hard I opened my eyes, an intense desire for flesh nauseating me, was this why these once people had taken to ripping chunks out of each other like cannibals?

The stench of death and decay was unbearable even up here in the relative safety away from those things. Occasionally a scream could still be heard as they breached another of the few barricaded areas and defeated the living trapped there. I felt disgusted that there had been no way I could help save these people when I had clearly saved myself.

A break in the mist showed a cliff face extending towards the vessel.

We would soon be run aground on the rocks beneath. Then what would occur? would we stay trapped in here to face the finality of death imprisoned on a luxury cruise liner and ultimately an ocean grave? or would rescuers come to help only to unleash this evil on the land before us and themselves be overrun by the bloodthirsty creatures?

My mind fogged again and the smells that previously sickened me now enticed me. I was changing I could feel it, my skin long since greying and looking like that of the creatures  I had seen mutiny my vessel.

Consciousness is fading.

A light shone from within the mist, it must be the lighthouse warning of the cliffs and rocks that I had no way to avoid.

An urge to join my fellow travellers surged through me and I reached out to the controls on the bridge panels, flicking the switch that would return power to the ship with weak trembling hands.

I needed to feed.

With what remnants of my humanity held I moved along the controls enabling doors to open, lifts to work and inevitably giving freedom to the captive crowds below. I dropped anchor and released the external doors that would allow us to spill out from the ship, into the mist and eventually onto the land ahead.

When I could no longer focus I walked out of the bridge into a throng of stumbling writhing bodies, our only collective thought to feed, consume flesh and blood.

We spilled out of the ship crashing into the water and rocks, picking ourselves up broken and battered, we moved forwards in an ungainly mass walking under the water until we surfaced closer to the shore and proceeded up the beach the scent of life drawing us on…

We must feed…


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