Competition Time – Win a DVD: The Tracey Fragments

Cover of "The Tracey Fragments"

So, I recently bought The Tracey Fragments on DVD to watch following my post about BPD in Films, but I accidentally added two copies to my Amazon cart and I can’t be bothered to send the extra one back, so I thought I wold give it away instead.

Yes, that’s right I’m giving it away to one lucky reader, still sealed.

It could be yours, read on to find out how to win…

First of all you might want to know a bit more about the film to see if you are interested in winning a copy, so I’ll start with a synopsis…

The Tracey Fragments

15-year-old Tracey Berkowitz is naked under a tattered shower curtain at the back of a bus, looking for her little brother Sonny, who thinks he’s a dog. Tracey’s journey leads us into the dark underbelly of the city, into the emotional cesspool of her home, through the brutality of her
high school, the clinical cat and mouse games with her shrink and her soaring fantasies of Billy Zero – her boyfriend and rock ‘n’ roll saviour. Tracey’s stories begin to intertwine truth with lies, hope with despair as we move closer to the truth of Sonny’s disappearance.


My Review

I bought The Tracey Fragments in order to watch and assess it’s claimed portrayal of Borderline Personality Disorder. From the very beginning it is hard to follow the story due to the excessive use of split screen images and multiple view of the same scene at the same time. The story is told in a twisted order from Tracey’s point of view.

It starts with Tracey sat on a bus wrapped in a shower curtain telling us about her little brother Sonny going missing. Quickly switching to jump back and forth across the timeline of the film following Tracey as she searches for her brother and before he goes missing. The relevance of some characters and incidents does not seem to make any sense as you watch and it is difficult to retain interest in the story. Ellen Page (Juno) carries off the part of Tracey well despite the flaws in the presentation of the film. About 20 minutes in we meet Tracey’s psychiatrist and it is here that the words ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ come into the storyline.

If you manage to keep up with the convoluted threads of the story it all becomes clear at the end and the mystery of Sonny’s disappearance becomes all too clear – bringing understanding to the fragmentation of Tracey’s mind along with it.

I’m not sure it does a good job of portraying Borderline Personality Disorder in any real detail, it just focuses on the way Tracey’s mind has cracked due to what she has suffered recently, and ‘blaming’ the parents of course.

But, despite the slow pace and head-ache inducing multi-screen action it is a good film that you will feel you have to watch a second time to fully grasp what happened.

The Competition

Okay so now you know what you have a chance of winning – A sealed copy of the DVD The Tracey Fragments – here’s how you can win…

The competition is open till Midday (UK time) on Sunday 29th April. One winner will be drawn at random from the entries received and I will post the winner’s name on this blog on Tuesday 1st May. I will contact the winner by email to obtain postal details to send the prize out.

To win answer the following question leaving your comment and contact details in the contact box below:

Which film is Ellen Page (Tracey) better know for having stared in? (clue – the answer is in my review)

Good luck!