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Battleship (film)

Last night I took my kids (well I still call them kids but at 17 and 18 I think it’s time for a new reference? maybe my ‘minions’ as one of my friends has classified them? – yeah let’s go with that…) restart post…

Last night I took my minions to see Battleship. This means I have finally seen 10 films out of 50 for my 50/50 challenge, only 40 to go! For those of you that have not seen the trailer (which is the whole reason I chose to see this film let’s give you a preview…

Doesn’t that look totally cool!? (yes, I am still a teenager myself, lol)

* Spoiler alert – this review contains spoilers, so don’t read if you don’t want to know!!*

Anyway, if you didn’t notice (or didn’t watch the trailer) Battleship star’s Rihanna, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson and the delectable Alexander Skarsgard (Eric the vampire in True Blood, for the fang fans 😀 ).

It’s a Sci-fi, Action, thriller movie based on the Hasbro board game of the same name – yes, you heard right it’s based on a game, you remember that game don’t you? Yes? No? well here’s a reminder for you…


Battleship (Photo credit: unloveablesteve)

Are you with me now? Okay let’s get on with the review…

So, the film starts with a little overview of the fact that messages are being sent across space to an Earth-like planet, and we are waiting for a return communication should any intelligent life exist out there…

The deadbeat brother, Alex, (Taylor) of Navy Captain, Stone, (Alexander) is busy trying to impress a girl, Sam, (Brooklyn) and failing miserably. I wasn’t expecting a comedy element to the film but if you don’t crack up laughing in the first five minutes with what happens here then you have no sense of humour whatsoever.

Now having joined his brother in the Navy, Alex is still failing, only now it is to impress the father of Sam who happens to be the Admiral (Liam). The Navy crew are taking part in exercise’s off the coast of Hawaii with Japanese naval crews when the response back from our extraterrestrial communications lands in the Pacific ocean in the form of alien warships.

A battle then ensues to prevent the aliens establishing communications back to their home planet via the transmitters on the Hawaiian islands.

Taylor Kitsch is great as the arrogant, egotistical younger brother, and Alexander is a suave if stiff faced Captain.

I really enjoyed the way they bought the normally only there as ‘eye-candy’ girlfriend Sam (Brooklyn) into having her own important role in helping save the Earth and her journey with war veteran Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales was really well interwoven with the main characters roles.

Even Rhianna was totally cool, a really good first movie for the singer here, and even funny at times with her fellow crewman Ordy (Jesse Plemons).

There is also a sub plot of former enemies (Japan and USA, and more specific to the film Alex and Nagata) coming together to fight a common enemy.

It was really great to see such an action packed alien movie interspersed with some great comedy moments, a hint of romance that didn’t overshadow the real story (as is so often the case, often ruining a good film!) and even a few tear jerker moments – my personal favourite of these being when the old war veterans join forces with the remains of Alex’s crew to bring the old battleship into the game. And not forgetting the nod to the original game, when they are trying to locate the alien ships in a ‘hit’ or ‘miss’ guessing game – great fun!

Of course, I’m not going to completely spoil the film by telling you how it ends and who wins (but come on, if you can’t guess with movies like this by now you never will!). It does come highly recommended (by me!)

Ohh but if you do go and see it, stay to the end of the credit’s for an extra scene – I missed it, so please let me know what it shows! Could it be an opener for a second movie?? 😉

What films have you seen recently?


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