Words come easily – except when they don’t…

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The front of Totleigh Barton Manor, Devon, one of the writing centres of the Arvon Foundation, a charitable organisation promoting creative writing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a writer, professional or otherwise I’m sure you have experienced this at some point – the dreaded writer’s block.

You might think that because I have still managed to get a post out each day this week that I don’t have that problem, but the thing is I do. That is why I am writing this post today.

Normally I have a number of posts scheduled in advance and even when I don’t it is usually easy to come up with something to write about each day. Heck, even right now I have a list of ideas for posts, and yet the words just won’t come.

I know the underlying cause is actually my current apathy towards most things, but normally even when I am having difficulty feeling up to getting dressed each day (the curse of  the BPD lows/depression) I can still write. Writing is often my saving grace that eventually spurs me into motion in other areas, it lifts me, my mood and encourages me to keep on keeping on. But not this time, this time I don’t even feel like writing.

So, what have I done to tackle this affliction?

Well first off I forced myself to write for others, deadline’s to be met. I wrote two posts that I am being paid for (money is always a good motivator right? lol) and I wrote a guest post for This Week in Mentalists. All well and good I met my deadlines and I think (if I do say so myself) I did a pretty good job of the content.

Next, I decided to have a night off and go to the cinema, this turned out to be a very good move as I enjoyed the film so much I came straight home and wrote a review of it which went up here yesterday.

But, despite this I am still lost for words. I have looked at my list of topics to write about and cannot get started on a single one. Instead I thought I would write about not being able to write.

Usually doing something different, taking a break from the frustration of not being able to write, eases the problem. After all the frustration that arises from not being able to write only makes the problem worse as you begin to stress about the fact that the words won’t flow!

Doing something else, be it reading, cinema, going out somewhere different these are often the kinds of things that will arouse inspiration, I really thought it had worked when I felt so compelled to review Battleship so immediately, but it didn’t stay, it didn’t roll over into the other areas of my writing brain 😦

I’m lost for ideas now, how to get the writing mojo back?

Maybe you guys reading might have some tips to help me get my mojo back again?

I need to get back on the writing horse quickly, not only so I can keep up my regular posting schedule here but because in a couple of weeks time I am going on an Arvon writing course and I also have my work’s in progress to keep on top of, if I don’t ever finish writing the first drafts of these books I am never going to have a chance of getting them published am I??

I really want to make sure I have posts scheduled in advance for the week I am away so that my blog doesn’t flounder in my absence! and I’m sure my beloved readers would be amiss without my daily input!? 😉

Well, I’m going to go and have a try at putting together my Flash Fiction Friday piece, I hope the words will just flow if I can get the right prompt. After that who knows what will happen. I hope it will kickstart the inspiration and motivation and I will just end up churning out a number of great posts, if not – yikes I’m screwed!

So come on guy’s, give me your tips for getting back in the writing mood!

Any help gratefully received!


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  1. Pleased that you felt you could write about this, a problem shared and all of that. I’m sure many of us are nodding our heads in agreement at your words here and you have succeeded in writing a post. I find going to somewhere inspiring helps me but the biggest thing this year has been writing morning pages as suggested by Julia Cameron in her book – The Artist’s Way. Do you know of it? If not, you might want to get a copy and try it out. Hope this helps and sending positive writing vibes your way.

  2. I just sit down and write. A lot of times I have to force it. I’ll sit at my pc and just start typing random letters. Typing, typing, typing, until all of a sudden the thought is there. I’m running with it. I can’t tell you how many times this has helped me get in the groove.

  3. I do not come bearing advice, as I have my own unsolved issues with writer’s block, but I think it was terrifically creative to use the block as an excuse to write. Taking what you’ve got in the moment — even if it’s a lack of inspiration — seems like a great way to work out the knots of literary blockage. Keep kicking ass and taking names!

  4. I have a few thoughts about your post. I find it so true and honest. Thank you for sharing with us here.

    We all encounter it, the writer’s block, especially for creative writers. It’s also easier to write in a technical way. But when you need a certain flow in your writing, you have to be in the right mood/emotion. Lots of people don’t care about it. But for those who care, it can be a struggle. Because they need authenticity in their work. And if it doesn’t come out the way they want it, then they don’t feel the work justify for who they are.

    We all need inspiration to write, that’s the fact. But one thing we should know is that inspiration comes as fast insight. It come and then go. But then it will come again if we know how to call for it. I have the impression that you can take inspiration from your environment, your outer world and put it in your writing. If you are familiar with psychology (i am one psychology junkie, lol), this is call extravert intuitive. This is very informative, because you can literally see right at the core of anything which others may neglect to perceive its existence, and make it gold.

    But sometimes too much information can overwhelm you, since you are very sensitive. Just be very objective and discerning about the things you see. Then you will feel and have a greater understanding after a while of contemplation. Keep your mind quiet. Inspiration comes from the source of our higher mind, the unknown, the limitless potential of the universe. So, it will peak again into your mind as you put aside all the unnecessary thoughts and you will have a conversation with that part of yours that makes you YOU. You will write under its guidance and you will feel fulfilled.

    But often time, because we have a lot of different parts in us, they will want to come out and play too. Some of which are not really good at expressing what we truly feel inside. But it’s okay. Error and trail does the trick. After writing for a period, we will know what voice we should listen too, and vice versa.

    Good luck with your coming plans. All the best from me!

    • Thank you Amy, some very good advice there, you are right about me gaining inspiration from my environment! Maybe a change of scenery will do me good then!? 🙂

  5. hi, i’ve read the artists way, it is very inspirational, i just ignored the religious bits. she also wrote a book specifically for writers but i can’t remember what it was called. i find reading any good book on how to write helps motivate me. good luck, lynda

  6. You might try 750words.com. I see where Heather suggested the morning pages; the site is based on the same concept. It doesn’t matter what you type, so you can go free-form and see what pops up. Another trick might be to make a list of something, anything (names of pets, ten people from fifth grade or the equivalent, your twenty favorite shows of all time, etc.). The mere act of writing is stimulus enough. Or, do the opposite. What worked for me over the weekend was not writing; I went out for coffee and read a writing book. By the time I left I was chomping at the bit to get to the computer and write.

  7. I think it is great that you have written about this because I’m sure we all suffer at times. Two things spring to mind. First, the more pressure I put on myself to come up with something (wonderful) the harder it is to get the words to flow. Sometimes I just have to let it be. The second thought is that most of my ideas come from what I read. But hey, you’re having a rough time at the moment. That’s okay. I know that doesn’t answer your question but sometimes it’s okay to be without words (much as we hate it). 🙂

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  10. Thanks for including me in your related articles. Yes, apathy and for me, distractions (of any kind) do not help. Best of luck to you and hope you’re “back on the horse” soon. All the best, Kellie.

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