The Golden Girls – Redditch Pool Summer League.

A British standard pool table, showing a cue b...

A British standard pool table, showing a cue ball and a red/yellow ball close to the (smaller) pocket. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Summer league is underway for Pool games here in Redditch. Last night was the first game of the season and saw the Golden Cross Pub entering four teams into the competition – The Big Potatoes, Stoppit, The Cross Cues and The Golden Girls.

I am captain of the Golden Girls, our only all female team, and (I believe) the only all girl team in the league.

We have 16 members of the team and new members are always welcome.

Only 6 are needed to play a match but due to things such as work commitments we have made sure to have a plentiful supply of players to cover if people are not available to play. Of course, holidays and illness withstanding, as Captain I will be there for every match!

The name the Golden Girls has been taken as our temporary name to represent the fact that we are girls from the Golden Cross, of course, the only problem with the name (for those old enough to remember) is that it was also the name of a TV show about a group of older ladies (all over 50 if I remember rightly). Of course, most of our team are not even old enough to have heard of the show, let alone be considered to be ‘older’ ladies themselves! So, the name is something we may look at again for the Winter league. So far suggestions have included 7 Ball Belles – to represent that we are not very good and being 7 balled is a distinct possibility for many of our players, and Ball Breakers – to show how we intend to treat the guys in the league, haha. For now we will stick with Golden Girls and see how we get on…

Last week, we had a pre-season friendly match against our fellow team, but rivals at the same time, The Cross Cues. We all had a lot of fun but it showed us how difficult things are going to be for us girls playing against the league players. We lost each of our games, the final score being 11-0 to the Cross Cues. But, we had fun and none of us was 7 balled, so it’s not too bad – honestly! We have set up a fine system, so that if any of us does get 7 balled we have to pay £1 into the subs kitty.

The Summer league is a bit more relaxed than the winter league and all the teams are randomly put into groups for their matches to mix things up a bit. In the Winter league there are 3 divisions – Premiership, Division 1 and Division 2. In the summer everyone is not put into these ability groups.

As a result this has meant the Golden Girls challenge will be even harder than it could have been. We have been drawn in Group C which has the following line-up

Golden Girls


Bronx Bullets



Oast House Invaders

Studley C.C

Mostly Oasty

The reason this is such a challenge for us is that 3 of these teams are from the premiership group! and most of the teams have at least one County Player – we are just girls who play for fun, none of us is particularly skilled at the game, although plenty of us are trying hard to improve our game!

So, last night we headed over to Studley Cricket Club for our first away match against Studley CC, a premiership team. Of course we did not expect to do very well, but excitement and fun was the key thing for us! Although we were also obviously very nervous!

A match is played in two halves with 6 games in the first half and 5 in the second, then after the match the host team provide food.

Our line-up for the evening consisted of 8 of our girls. This is how we got on…

Game 1 – lost, 1 ball left for our player

Game 2 – lost, 6 balls left

Game 3 – lost, 3 balls left

Game 4 – lost, 3 balls left

Game 5 – lost, 1 ball left

Game 6 – lost, no balls left

Game 7 – lost, 4 balls left

Game 8 – lost, 5 balls left

Game 9 – lost on the break.

Game 10 – lost, 5 balls left

Game 11 – lost, 5 balls left

So, yes we lost 11-0 to Studley CC.

BUT, we were pleased with how well we played our first match, even though we didn’t win a game none of us was 7 balled either! The Studley team were very friendly and welcoming and we got the impression that the league are actually happy to have an all girls team playing to liven things up a bit – ha, I’m sure we can manage that once we have got over our nerves! lol

Next week our vice-captain will be in charge whilst I am away for the week on holiday. Playing another premiership team the Bronx Bullets at home, fingers crossed our girls do well!

I’ll update you on our progress as the season continues…

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9 comments on “The Golden Girls – Redditch Pool Summer League.

  1. Love the names. Miss playing pool which I did for several years. Maybe again one day…. Good luck to you and the LADIES!

    • Thanks, it is great fun and the challenge of playing premiership teams will only help improve our skills! You should get back into it if you can! 😀

  2. Great blog, as chairman of the league can I say that the whole committee feel that it is super to have an all girls team in the league and we look forward to you staying in the league for many a year. We wish you all the luck in the world but mostly enjoy the games, if you need any help with the rules or anything else please do not be affraid to ask us. Have got a good name for you a mix of the last team of ladie`s we had in the league they were The Beavers what about The Golden Beavers !!!!!

    Regards Lester

    • Thanks Lester, we are looking forward to playing for a long time all being well! We will be sure to ask if we need any help, I think we are starting to get the hang of the rules a bit now (thankfully having 3 other teams at the pub helps!). I like the Golden Beavers! We will add that to the suggestions 😀


  3. You do a lot better at pool than I used to do. This is the first time I’ve heard the term “seven balled”. Based on what I read elsewhere, does that mean you’d have to play naked?

    I loved “The Golden Girls.” Reruns of that show helped me keep my spirits up when I was in the hospital. I think at the time that they were supposed to be close to 65.

    • Thanks John 🙂

      lol, being 7-balled ‘can’ mean you have to drop your trousers and do a lap round the table (lads) or remove your top (ladies) but it depends on the pub and players if they play that rule – sometimes we do, like when games are just for fun, but not in matches.

      I remember seeing a few episodes of the Golden Girls when I was young, I think my mom liked to watch it!

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