Flash Fiction Friday – Call me ‘T’…

Alter Ego (Logo)

Alter Ego (Logo) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m not sure if we have met.

I’m ‘T’, take that how you will. It’s not my name, you know that already.

‘T’ for trouble

‘T’ for teenager

‘T’ for tears

‘T’ for terrible

Tantalize, terrorise, tart, tattoo, tear away, tease, tantrum, temper, temptress… the list goes on.

You may have caught a glimpse of me occasionally.

Other’s only know this me.

Whatever your experience of ‘T’ you can be sure of one thing, you’ll never forget me.

I come out to play when things get tough, emotions are high and life is too much for ‘her’ to handle. I am the escape, the freedom, letting go, forgetting (not forgiving), fun, fun, fun…

I am out of control and I love it. I can do anything, be anything, have anything, nothing is beyond my reach.

I want, want, want.

I take, take, take.

Give me your attention, don’t stop. Thanks. Now I’ll move on to the next one. Line up, line up I’m here for the taking, I want you to want me.

Dressed up to the nines, high as a kite. I’m going to dance all night.

Knocking back shots, smoking pot. Anything goes, for this is my show.

I flutter my lashes, wriggle my hips. Everyone watching, as they should be – don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me – hahaha.

I play with hearts, I play with minds, I play with bodies, including mine.

I look in the mirror and what do I see, a sexy little minx winks at me, but behind those eyes the secret lies.

The broken girl, the alter ego, the real person trapped beneath the mask. The eyes lie, the sparkle isn’t there, it’s lost like her.

I shake my head, straighten my hair, touch up my make-up and glare. I push her away for another day, she cannot have this she would not appreciate the effort it takes, with her emotions and feelings she is just a mess. Lock her up and throw away the key. There’s too much fun to be had to waste your life being sad.

Get up and go, run and scream, dance and dream.

Tonight is my night, get me another drink. Laughing, flirting, enjoying it all.

Look at me, bad girl on the prowl, hunting a victim. Try to chase me, you may catch me but you’ll never keep me, this girl is not for taming.

Gimme your number, I’ll never call. One night is all, so do not fall.

Leaving a hoard of devastation and destruction in my wake, I steal your mind and your heart I will break. But she will be back when I awake, so no sleep tonight, try as she might. I won’t let her have this back, I need to rule it, possess it. This is my night.

I am ‘T’ come to me, the alter ego who loves to be everything she could never be – free…

Call me ‘T’


14 comments on “Flash Fiction Friday – Call me ‘T’…

  1. WOW, powerful words. Is this how you feel alot of the time? More so when you go out and have a drink and are angry and hurt.

  2. ACK! What were you doing watching me in my twenties, Sharon? Damn! I was T for longer than I dare admit, more dangerous to myself than anyone else, despite thinking I had all this power and control.

    As you say, some of the details are exaggerated… but I can see you’ve ‘lived’ (are still living) it too. >HUGS<

    • lol, Yeah I think we all have (or had) a bit of ‘T’ in us, even those who would not admit to it! She’s not the nicest gal, but boy is she confident – if only that bit would stay with me at other times!

      Indeed, there are nights when she still takes over, but I am slowly getting more control, whilst holding on to a bit of the ‘fun’ 😉

      • There is something very empowering about “her” (Is “J” the male equivalent?), so I can see wanting her around on occasion. And being able to control when she takes over…. When you get to that point–that’s real power–the power over one’s self. It’s rarer than people think it is. Glad to hear you’re finding that point.

        Best to you, Sharon.

    • Sorry to hear that Nikky, I did kinda skip it when I should have been living it, so I think I have made up for what I missed a bit over the last few years!

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