ROW80 2012 Round 2 – Stabilising

After being a busy little bee last week, this week continued in much the same vein. No real issues or upheavals to report, could it be I am being to stabilise?

As for the goals, well lets see…


My goal here was just to do ‘something’ with my WIP’s during each week – As with last week the WIP’s remained shelved this week so that I could get my assignment finished before it’s due date, 8th May, as I will be on my Arvon course then and the WIP’s will be the main focus that week. I hope to have a good word count to report at next Sunday’s check-in as I will have returned from the course then! 😉


I managed to get all my daily posts done this week and write a post to go up each day next week while I am away. Of course publicising and dealing with comments on next weeks posts will be something I have to catch up with upon my return, so I expect my hit rate will be a bit lower than usual, but it should return to normal once I am back.


Having finished reading ‘Conduct’ for my sociology assignment I have started reading ‘Festival’ by David Belbin, I would have finished it already but it would have been rude to sit reading it whilst celebrating my best mates birthday at the pub! lol


I did my volunteering days and went to the second Jewellery making class, where we made earrings and worked on market research and marketing for the business element of the course.

I wrote and submitted my Sociology assignment, it was hard to get it done as I really struggled to get into it, but it’s done so I can relax while at Arvon and not worry about it. When I get back I will have to crack straight on with the 3000 word end of course assignment. I suspect that will take up a lot of my time, which will be sad for all the other things I do (and want to do) but the sooner I get that done the sooner I can relax again!

The first pool match of the season saw us lose 11-0 to a premiership team, but we didn’t feel too bad about it as we played well and they were such a string team we didn’t really expect the result to be different (although winning a game would be nice!). I’m leaving the team in the capable hands of the vice captain, my best friend while I am at Arvon, fingers crossed they have a better time than last week, although it s another premiership team, so who knows how it will go!?

How has the week been for you?

Have you got any news to share?

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23 comments on “ROW80 2012 Round 2 – Stabilising

  1. I had a week of abuse. It was happening every day. I have lost hope and strength. I gave up and lost control. My online friends are great and helped me through that.

    • Oh how awful 😦 I’m glad you managed to get some support through your online friends at least though! Hope next week will be better for you x

    • lol, I’m doing fine with it while I’m not working at the moment, but when I get a job again I may have to reduce it a bit! 😉

  2. hi everyone glad to say after 2 weeks of feeling suicidel the feeling has passed its frightening when you have a bpd episode was interested in the mood stabilizer medication will have to ask when i get my hospital appointment

  3. sounds like a very satisfying week sharon, well done. and good to hear you’re stabilizing. hope you get a lot out of arvon. is it a taught week?

    • Arvon was great, we had two workshops each morning with the authors and a 1-1 with each of them, afternoons were ours for writing and we had readings from the authors in the evenings 🙂

  4. well done sharon keep it up but a slight of caution you probably will have set backs-so do not let them hit you to hard–brilliant and well done

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