Why Do Fans Like To Watch Ben 10 So Much? – Guest Post by Lisa Jane


Today I want to welcome Lisa as my guest, here she shares her love of children’s TV show Ben 10 and explains why people love the show so much…

Author Bio – Lisa is an avid gamer and cartoon enthusiast. She’s recently started to watch ben 10 as she feels it appeals to both adults and kids alike.

What’s not to like? Ben 10 is jam-packed full of action and exciting adventures. Ben battles with the help of his friends to save the world, and the universe, from the evil lurking out there. Fighting aliens and having the ability to be an alien gives Ben 10 the superhero title that he so deserves.

Cartoon Network first introduced us to the awesome and exciting world of aliens when piloted in 2005. Since then, Ben 10 has had some fantastic adventures, battling to unknown, and fans are now ready and waiting for the fourth series to be released in September 2012. Ben started life as any other boy; it wasn’t until he was 10 years old that his life changed to an alien battling frenzy. Whilst on summer vacation with his grandfather, he wandered off to look around the woods and found a watch.

It wasn’t a watch, as he soon found out, but a device called the Omnitrix which had actually been intended for his grandfather. Ben’s grandfather, Max, was one of ‘The Plumbers’ who are a secret government kind of ‘police’. They protect the world from the evils that come with the paranormal and alien species. The Omnitrix was intended to bring peace to species across the universe by presenting people with a better understanding. Ben is certainly doing his part in making this happen. The Omnitrix, at times, does attract unwanted attention as some of the evil entities out there can see an opening for ulterior uses for the device.

Ben Tennyson wouldn’t be able to tackle this world alone and so he has his small team with him to fight the battles that come with his everyday life as a superhero. Gwen is his cousin and very intelligent. Initially, it is this intelligence that helps Ben as she provides research and pretty impressive martial arts skills! Her natural knack for magic soon flourishes though with her ability to read spell books. Gwen has magic in her blood, passed down from her grandmother and has some pretty awesome powers to show for it. There is also Kevin onside, most of the time at least! He has bad boy tendencies and sometimes ulterior motives but nevertheless, he is one of the team. Kevin has the ability to take in matter and energy, transforming his body to use as a weapon.

This being Ben 10 at the beginning and in the briefest form; it is easy to see why the programme is so popular. Kids and fans can watch Ben 10 whenever they want and even as many times as they want to really get into the story and the never ending adventures. Watch Ben 10 now and find out everything you need to know before the new series hits the screens in September 2012. Cartoon Network provide fans with the ability to watch the episodes online so, if you can’t get enough of Ben and his friends, you can watch the thrilling adventures and battles over and over again.

Or, get to know what’s its really like to be the superhero with the free online games! A fan, a gamer, or both; Cartoon Network have made sure everyone is catered for.