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Eating disorders are becoming increasingly common these days for people of all ages. For this reason, it is important to be able to identify telltale signs of an eating disorder. What many people do not realize, however, is that there are many indications of eating disorders that are easy to miss. The following article will discuss several signs of an eating disorder that are commonly overlooked.

Negative Attitude and Body Image

Many people who develop eating disorders start out by simply lacking self confidence and having an overall bad body image. They may spend a lot of time scrutinizing themselves in the mirror, apply a lot of makeup, or try to cover up areas of their body that they do not like with clothing.

New Eating Habits

A sudden and drastic change in one’s eating habits is also a common sign that somebody may be developing an eating disorder. In these situations, the person may find reasons to avoid eating, may insist on eating alone, or may eat very little in one sitting. In cases of Bulimia, however, the person may eat excessive amounts of food in one sitting instead.

Overall Beliefs

People who suffer form eating disorders often have misconceptions about the way the world is. They may believe that, in order to be happy with themselves, they need to be skinny. They may also believe that thin people, such as celebrities, are successful as a direct result of their weight. These ideas and misconceptions are what often spark eating disorders in the first place.

Excessive Exercising

Usually, people who are suffering from an eating disorder will take on excessive workout routines. They may spend hours a day at the gym, or will work out after every meal as a way of burning off the calories and fat from the food that they just consumed. Often times, people suffering from eating disorders will count calories obsessively as well.

Inflicting Injury Upon Onself

Since eating disorders are physical and mental disorders, they often come along with other psychological problems. For example, many people who have eating disorders will purposely inflict physical pain upon themselves by cutting themselves, burning themselves, or purposely inflicting other sorts of pain on themselves. This can be very dangerous and lead to serious injury or even death.


Another common sign that someone is suffering from an eating disorder is denying that they have an issue with eating. For example, upon being asked why they are skipping a meal, the person may reply that they are simply stressed out or not hungry. This denial not only helps to change the subject, but helps the afflicted person feel better about themselves as well.

Overall, these signs can be easily overlooked, but should be taken seriously by anybody who notices them in a friend, relative, or loved one.

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Jezebel Lake is a blogger who enjoys writing about health. She is currently promoting Harmony Grove a treatment center that specializes in eating disorders. To learn more click here.


6 comments on “6 Non Common Signs of Eating Disorders – Guest post by Jezebel

  1. My daughter is a borderline anorexic. These points are all so valid and valuable to those who have young people like this in their lives.

    My daughter’s main ‘excuse’ is of the denial variety. She is often ‘just not hungry’ and I only back down after she’s agreed to have a healthy snack. Her loudest complaint to me is “When are you going to get off my case?” to which I always reply “When you understand that you are valuable enough exactly as you are to eat.”

    It’s not easy, but then, true love never is.

  2. Quite a good number of information shared. But once you are used to binging and purging, it will take some tome and effort to come out of it, Till you are cured completely, the regular binging and purging may harm your body. I would like to share some tips to minimise the bad effects of bulimia .

    We know purging is bad and we shouldn’t do it, but as long as we are doing it, we should do everything we can to minimize the damage. Here are a few quick ones:

    – do not brush your teeth right after purging, it will only rub in the acid, wait over a half hour

    – drink Gatorade or some other drink with electrolytes because you lose them when you purge and that can lead to a heart attack, a seizure, etc.

    – purging dehydrates you, so stay hydrated, but don’t over-hydrate by chugging liters of water, that will only mess up your electrolytes more.

    You can also visit my blog Bulimia help for more details. Hope it will help you.

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