TGIF – A little poetry for the weekend :)

September Sucks

September Sucks (Photo credit: bornazombie)

Hey folks it’s me! Yep I’m still alive. I’m currently writing a post to update you on how I’m getting on, but in the meantime I just wanted to share a couple of poems I wrote to give an indication of how I’m getting on. Hope you enjoy 🙂 This first poem I wrote in September, those of you that read my September blog post will know I was struggling a bit then, I think this poem shows just how close I was to a relapse…

As I lay me down to sleep I do not cry,

I do not weep,

I do not ask you my soul to keep…

I am vulnerable and weak

Your sympathy I do not seek

That would only make me meek…

This life is thin, this life is fake

I hope to die before I wake

Cause I’ve had as much as I can take…

By comparison the poem I wrote yesterday shows greater strength and courage considering that I am still/again having rough time…

The time comes to walk away from your past,

Head held high and smile on your face.

Knowing what you leave behind is only waste,

Was holding you back, has been replaced.

Bigger and better,

Bolder and brighter,

Stronger and wiser,

New people, new places,

And happiness you didn’t know you could achieve.

So do not cry and do not grieve,

That which is gone was meant to leave.

I hope you have enjoyed my poems and look forward to sharing my update with you soon 🙂
How are you all doing? 

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