Infographic – Pack Mentality

After all the things I have been through over the past few weeks I thought I would put my sociological skills to use in analysing and evaluating the behaviours I have witnessed.  As a result I have come up with this descriptive infographic that describes the roles women take within a group situation.  My conclusion – women are fine to have as friends so long as it remains individuals, once a ‘group’ is formed pack mentality sets in and it can get very nasty (as I have experienced first hand). 

What do you think? 

Is this a fair description of the roles people take?

Have I missed any out?


4 comments on “Infographic – Pack Mentality

  1. Hi Sharon, I found this fascinating from a writing standpoint. I’ve been working on a mystery that features a group of archaeologists living in an abandoned farmhouse. I just picked up a bestselling archaeological mystery that read very much like mine — each character in the bestseller had a corresponding character in my book.

    Now I realize we’d both picked up on the group dynamic and incorporated it into our books. I’m still going to finish mine, and this bit of insight will be very helpful. Thank you!

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