Poem – Changing

She hold’s her head high and laughs


change (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

(her tears won’t fall any more)

She puts on a pretty dress and dances
(her legs won’t walk any more)

She raise her voice and sings
(her words won’t speak any more)

She gives her body and loves
(her heart won’t feel any more)

She parties hard and fast
(her life won’t live any more)

But then when she expects it least…

Her tears flow
(She has found release)

Her legs stride
(She has found strength)

Her words flow freely
(She has found courage)

Her heart beats
(She has found happiness)

Her life moves on
(She has found freedom)

Change is a choice, not an option, and only you can do it…


4 comments on “Poem – Changing

  1. Beautiful Sharon. Really beautiful. Please God I’ll be able to write like this soon. Lovely.

    And lovely to see a post from you too 😉


    • Thanks Quiet, hope you are doing okay? I never seem to have the time to blog or read blogs much nowadays, but mostly I am doing well still so I think it’s a small price to pay not having that time if I am happy and well doing other things 🙂 xx

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