Flash Fiction – Purge

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I push the last bit of dinner around on my plate with the fork.

I can’t bear to eat another bite.

Just the smell of the tomato based sauce on the chicken is making my throat close up.

I want to heave.








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My life… A portrait in fiction

She stumbles and falls… she picks herself up, dusts herself off and continues ploughing forward. Steady determination but heavy heart and tear streaked face. Continue reading

Flash Fiction Friday – Editing

English: A young girl taking a break in a swim...

A young girl taking a break in a swimming pool, grabbing on to a rainbow-coloured styrofoam flotation device.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whilst on the Arvon course one of the writing exercises we did was an editing task. the prompt was:

Prompt: Write approx 150 words from the prompt ‘Swimming’. Once you have written the piece edit it down to approx 100 words. Then edit again to approx 50 words.

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Flash Fiction Friday – The Inventor

This week I have another piece from my Arvon writing course for you, the instructions were…

Write a piece of historical fiction. Include the objects given. Choose a voice and write as if you knew this ‘time’.
Objects: A Pencil and a Battery.

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