Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013 – Photo Credit Wikipedia

Yes, I know it was at the weekend but I didn’t have time to write a post then, but did you watch?

I did and I loved it!

I even got my kids to watch with me, it was the first time either of them had ever seen it, and they were pleasantly surprised that they enjoyed it too – if only to take the mickey out of how funny some of the acts were and try to grasp the political voting – which they were disgusted about which just made me laugh all the more…

So – did you guess the winner?

I thought it would be fun to share my facebook statuses that were written as I watched so you can see what I thought (along with the comments – anonomised for my friends’ benefit, but included as they make things even funnier! lol)

Did I guess the winner? Read on to find out! 😉 hehe

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Musical firsts…

Music Note Bokeh

Music Note Bokeh (Photo credit: all that improbable blue)

I know I haven’t been posting often but I thought it would be nice to have a bit of fun and share something that demonstrates my love of music…

For me at least music has always been the ‘friend’ you turn to when no-one else is around to share your joy, or pain, I’m sure many of you can relate to that sentiment?

Music can feed and inspire, offer comfort or relief, an opportunity to let go, express yourself, dance, sing and just connect or disconnect from the world as you choose. The right track at the right time can mean so much. Music was my first love, and it will be my last… 😉

So, I came up with a little list of 20 musical ‘firsts’ to give you a taste of the musical influences that have spread through my life…

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A Certain Degree of the Blues – Guest post by Samantha Gray


vinyl record

vinyl record (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

Anyone who has been following my blog for a long time will know how much I love music and how there have been times when I have deluged my blog with music related posts. Music is something that touches many lives, today Samantha shares her music love with us. Continue reading

Photo’s, Music and Memory

Music Note Bokeh

Music Note Bokeh (Photo credit: all that improbable blue)

As the final piece for my massobs spring directive we were asked to write about the following:

In this part of the Directive we would like you to write about any photographs or music that has special significance for you. We are particularly interested to hear why they are important to you, and how they are associated with any memories. Please note that we are not asking for you to send in any images or music. Instead, we would prefer you to describe them.

However, do please include them if it helps you to respond (please be careful not to send in any images that identify you or anyone else).

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Interview – Luke Truth (Musician)

I have great pleasure in introducing an up and coming young performer in my latest interview – Luke Truth. I met Luke through his work behind the bar in my local pub, where I also heard him sing for the first time. This guy really is a name to remember, he is going to be big!

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