My Guest Bloggers

Here are the people who have written guest posts for my blog along with links to their posts.

If you would like to write a guest post send me an email outlining what you would like to write about to and we’ll discuss it, I’m usually more than happy to share your contributions :)

Guest Bloggers:

Steve - Manipulative or mentally ill, or both?

Lydie -

Ed –  

Ellie – Life…bring it on…

Suzanne – Experiencing DBT – BPD Therapy

Ruth – You can enjoy blogging for business too!

Helen – Torn between two-tongues – Bilingual Blogging

Reneta – What about me? Gender Identity Disorder

Harriet  – Day in the life of a jewellery designer, managing director and mum

Hayley –  Living with Fibromyalgia

Simone - Reading, Writing and Being Bonkers

Margaret - Virtual Book Tour – Doppelganger Experiment by Margaret Millmore

Lorhainne - Virtual Book Tour – Author Lorhainne Eckhart 

10 comments on “My Guest Bloggers

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  2. Sharon, I am blogging under and assumed name, which I stated in my first post. I am curious how you decided it was safe to use your real identity, and how the other bloggers handle this issue.


    • Hi Morna, I was already blogging as myself before I started writing about my BPD I never really considered not being me – although a times now I do think about the possible implications should potential employers discover my blog. I think the majority of bloggers use an assumed name rather than being themselves, either because of work or because of family – anonymity has it’s benefits :)

  3. i too do not see any reason if people do not want to use thier real names why they should as long as what people say is true and beneficial to others.
    i am like yourself,i am me,what you read is what you get
    keep up the excellent topics

  4. i everyone just like to say i made a mistake by using my real name my partner saw what i had wrote about and was very upset by it. he knew i was bpd sufferer but was shocked at what i wrote. so becareful if you have good support around you thats good unfortunately i dont have any support thats why i started blogging on this site i dont feel so alienated anymore.

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