Beautiful Blogger Award

Despite the fact that I don’t write so much any more it is lovely to discover how many of you still really appreciate what I write when I do and last month Ashtoreth kindly bestowed the Beautiful Blogger award upon she said this about my blog:

” inspires me, makes me laugh, makes me cry, and keeps me moving toward being a healthy compassionate person”

What lovely things to say!? 😀

So, I have finally gotten round to accepting the award properly! And HUGE thanks to Ashtoreth for thinking of me and considering me worthy of the award.

Now to get on with the rules of acceptance… Continue reading


Versatile Blogger Award

I was pleasantly surprised the other day to be informed that I have been given this award by Summer Grant of Any One Thing, in awarding me she said this about my blog –

“one of those inspiring blogs. Suffers from BPD and not afraid to talk about it. It’s always enlightening reading this blog even when it’s just about different songs.”

To accept this award I must: Continue reading