Musical firsts…

Music Note Bokeh

Music Note Bokeh (Photo credit: all that improbable blue)

I know I haven’t been posting often but I thought it would be nice to have a bit of fun and share something that demonstrates my love of music…

For me at least music has always been the ‘friend’ you turn to when no-one else is around to share your joy, or pain, I’m sure many of you can relate to that sentiment?

Music can feed and inspire, offer comfort or relief, an opportunity to let go, express yourself, dance, sing and just connect or disconnect from the world as you choose. The right track at the right time can mean so much. Music was my first love, and it will be my last… 😉

So, I came up with a little list of 20 musical ‘firsts’ to give you a taste of the musical influences that have spread through my life…

Hope you enjoy it and if you feel like it why not play along and do your own post with the list!? Continue reading


Words come easily – except when they don’t…

The front of Totleigh Barton Manor, Devon, one...

The front of Totleigh Barton Manor, Devon, one of the writing centres of the Arvon Foundation, a charitable organisation promoting creative writing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a writer, professional or otherwise I’m sure you have experienced this at some point – the dreaded writer’s block.

You might think that because I have still managed to get a post out each day this week that I don’t have that problem, but the thing is I do. That is why I am writing this post today. Continue reading

Flash Fiction Friday – Photo prompt

I’m quite enjoying these flash fiction prompts from L.S.Engler and a few other ROW80 members have been following our lead now including Darlene Steelman and Eden Mabee. This prompt was actually from a couple of weeks back now (I had already got a number of posts scheduled for my blog and couldn’t fit this post in until today).

Any how, here’s my latest piece of flash fiction – I wonder if this will be another ‘creepy’ one 😉 hehe

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