Beautiful Blogger Award

Despite the fact that I don’t write so much any more it is lovely to discover how many of you still really appreciate what I write when I do and last month Ashtoreth kindly bestowed the Beautiful Blogger award upon she said this about my blog:

”¬†inspires me, makes me laugh, makes me cry, and keeps me moving toward being a healthy compassionate person”

What lovely things to say!? ūüėÄ

So, I have finally gotten round to accepting the award properly! And HUGE thanks to Ashtoreth for thinking of me and considering me worthy of the award.

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One Lovely Blog Award

I am honoured to have been awarded the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by The Quiet Borderline¬†a very dear blogging friend who blogs about her own journey with BPD and is always very supportive even when things are really bad in her own life.
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Reader Appreciation and Versatile Blogger Awards

The Versatile Blogger

The Versatile Blogger (Photo credit: elcamino73)

It would appear award season is in full swing again, I’ve seen many of my fellow bloggers posting about the awards they have¬†received¬†lately and now I’m doing my own acceptance post!

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ROW80 – The one without a funky title

Yes, for once the ‘title’ lady¬†couldn’t¬†come up with anything interesting or inspiring for her mid-week check-in! Very disappointing considering how I rave about good title’s being a key success factor for a post! :/

I guess I’m just a little distracted, so much going on with the new WIP – which btw is a business project, rather than a piece of writing as such, and of course there’s all the usual work on the goals, which this week have been combined with contest entries (see my posts this coming Thursday, Friday and next Tuesday!)

Another thing that is distracting me is having to search for images for posts again myself, I blame Zemanta, or the lack thereof – Zemanta is the ‘suggestion’ tool that usually recommends images, links, tags, and related posts on but it is currently ‘offline’ while they work out some bugs. I hadn’t realised just how much I rely on this tool, I miss it like crazy and can’t wait for it to be back!!!

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