The Big Society, Part 2 – Volunteering and My Local Area

Church Green and St. Stephen's Church in centr...

Church Green and St. Stephen’s Church in central Redditch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Part 1 I shard my responses to the massobs spring directive on the Big Society questions on the Big Society itself and ‘Community’. In this part the questions are about voluntary work and my local area, here are my responses… Continue reading


Interview – Luke Truth (Musician)

I have great pleasure in introducing an up and coming young performer in my latest interview – Luke Truth. I met Luke through his work behind the bar in my local pub, where I also heard him sing for the first time. This guy really is a name to remember, he is going to be big!

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Alphabet Survey

I found this great little blog hop over on Juliana’s blog, Juliana found it on another blog – Kate Upperman posted an Alphabet Survey, and Kate found it on Just Everyday Me while searching for recipes online.

I know lot’s of us bloggers love these little blog hops so I decided to take part and encourage you to join in too!

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This time last year – April BPD crisis

Image Credit - 'Given Up' by Melverry

What a difference a year makes…

Or does it?

Have things changed a lot for me, for you, over the past year?

Where were you this time last year?

Earlier this month I mentioned being concerned about April and how it always seems to bring some of my worst BPD problems, last year was probably the worst ever for that.

Let me tell you where I was this time last year…

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Review – Cirque Du Soleil, Alegria

Alegría (Cirque du Soleil)

Alegría (Cirque du Soleil) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a huge fan of the arts and subscribe to a number of email newsletters and updates that inform me of new shows coming up in theatres, concerts and various venues/performances.

Some time last year I received one of these updates informing me that Cirque Du SoleilAlegria was coming to Birmingham (my home town) and I just had to buy tickets – I had wanted to see Cirque Du Soleil for as long as I can remember and had never had the opportunity before for a various reasons from not having the finances at the time or the show only being around when I already had other plans and so on.

I purchased the tickets immediately, there weren’t cheap, £50 each. But, then I completely forgot about the purchase as the tickets would not be sent through until much nearer to the show date. So, when they arrived last month I was very excited due to having completely forgotten that I had bought them. The only problem now was who do I take with me? I had bought the tickets whilst with my fiancé not thinking at the time that we would not be together when the show came around…

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