The Beautiful Blogger Award and a Game of Tag

First of all apologies for my absence. I am okay, I have just been empty of words as I explained in a recent post. I think (hope) that the words are beginning to return to me now, but I’m due to go on holiday, so I won’t be back to regular posting until I after I return from that. Thank you for all the kind words checking in on me 🙂 Normal service will resume shortly!

In the meantime, The Quiet Borderline and Pleun have graciously bestowed upon me the Beautiful Blogger Award and a game of tag respectively. Many thanks to both! Continue reading


Versatile Blog Award again and Where else can you find me? Social Networks I am on.

First of all I have been awarded the Versatile blogger award again so I will be updating you on that.

Then I thought it might be handy to share some of the other places you can ‘find’ or ‘follow’ (or ignore, lol) me other than my blog as I know many of us actually have various social media outlets we use and can connect on and have been asked to share this information so people can find me.

So, here goes…

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ROW80 2012 – Picking up the pieces

So I am far from ‘better’ if that is even a possibility, well it’s not my therapist said as much I don’t have an ‘illness’ I can recover from, it’s a personality disorder, the best I can ever hope for is ‘control and management’ but anyway…

I’m in a slightly better place than I was for my last post, able to ‘do’ things again and focus a bit. To be honest as normal I just have to pick up the pieces and carry on regardless… as best I can at least, so I have made a little headway on my goals in the latter half of this week, let’s take a look…

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