Writing about Reading

Nick Hornby signing books at Central Library, ...

Nick Hornby signing books at Central Library, Seattle, Washington. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came home from the pub early last night (Tuesday night), I was home for 9pm. This seems to be the latest new habit for me, I am just so fickle…

Anyway, having no internet at home still and a pile of part read books I decided to try and get at least one finished. And I managed it successfully, just over 150 pages and ‘Keeping Mum’ by Kate Lawson was completed and I was still in bed for 11pm 🙂

So, to write about reading seems perfectly apt seeing as the next morning I am close to finishing Nick Hornby’s ‘The Complete Polysyllabic Spree’ which is a book about reading itself…

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Book Review – Divergent by Veronica Roth and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I thought I would do this as combined review/comparison of the first in Trilogy of The Hunger Games books and Divergent, which is the first in the trilogy.

The reason for this is that Divergent is recommend with one of those ‘If you liked the Hunger Games, then you’ll love this’ tag-lines by many people and people are also saying it is ‘like’ the Hunger Games. So, having read all three Hunger Games books and Divergent I thought I would give you my take on why I think they are being compared, and what I think of them…

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ROW80 The Penultimate Check-in

So we reach the final Sunday check-in for 2011, what a year it has been, I guess like everyone at some point soon I will have to do a ‘my year in review’ kinda post.

Reflection is a good thing, or so I have been taught on many of my OU courses lol

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ROW80 Check-in – The Eurozone and Hunger Games

Wow, it’s nearly the end of the round!  We have just a week left, then a break for Christmas before the next round starts in the New Year.

Are you coming back for the next round, or signing up for the first time?

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