My list of ‘New’ things to try for 2011

Stonehenge, England, erected by Neolithic peop...

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While I don’t generally make New Years resolutions I always have a rolling resolution ‘to try something New every year’. As result of this I have done a variety of things including the following:

– flying lesson
– learning to play the drums
– going to Karate classes
– Belly Dancing
– qualifying as a chef
– abseiling
– rock climbing
– a painting and decorating course
– audition for X-Factor
– joining BMF classes
– running in a race (and finishing in 7th place – not bad for a starter)
Vampire photoshoot (gallery 511)
– and many more I can’t recall offhand…

So once again it is time to choose what new thing/s I am going to do this year, currently the list of ideas stands as:

– visit Stonehenge/Avebury
– go on a solo trip
– take up photography
– bungee
– sphereing
Krav Maga
– Attend Comic Con
– go on a Track day

Whether I will do all of these things this year who knows, but at least I have a starting point and any not achieved this year can roll over to next year! So far I have already booked my trip to Stonehenge, a solo trip on a cruise of the Norwegian fjords and my ticket to the ‘Memorabilia’ Show at the NEC (Birmingham’s version of Comic Con) so going well already! 😀

Furthermore any other ideas are always welcome!

What are you going to achieve this year? 😀