Book Review – An Umbrella for Alex

An Umbrella for Alex – Image via

This review is long overdue, I should have done it ages ago, but life got in the way… still I got there in the end!

An Umbrella for Alex is the first book published by PDAN – the Personality Disorder Awareness Network.

“The purpose of this book is to provide appropriate and encouraging information for young children whose parents might be suffering from emotion dysregulation or Borderline Personality Disorder.”

I was asked to review the book because of my blog and having BPD myself… Continue reading


Give both parents equal rights and responsibilities towards their children

Just a quick post to ask you all to sign this official petition – in the UK and share it with others to give both parents equal rights and responsibility’s towards their children.

“Shared parenting needs to be the default position for separated parents. One parent should not be able to act on their own to determine a child’s future. Both parents should work together unless one is unfit to do so. Good parents should not be denied access to their children and should be helped by mediation to work together to ensure the best interests of their children are met. Children ought to have one home with both parents, but where that can’t happen there should be two loving homes for them unless one parent is unfit to provide that home. This should be the default position; it would be fair for children, would be fair for mothers and would be fair for fathers. The arrangements for children should be put in place as quickly as possible. This should be the default position for open family courts. The system should accept that fathers and mothers can both love and provide for their children.”

Please share this link and encourage others to sign!

Thank You!! 😀

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 27

One good thing that happened today – I have had an idea on how to sort out my housing problem, fingers crossed I can get it sorted tomorrow!

Song Challenge – a song that you wish you could play… I would love to be able to play ‘In the End’ by Linkin Park 🙂

Film Challenge – A film you think is overrated – Oh god, there are so many! errrmmm The Harry Potter movies probably stand out the most to me, watchable but not as ‘amazingly’ wonderful as people profess!

Status Challenge – Describe yourself when under the influence – depends on my mood before I start drinking, usually I’m a ‘happy’ drunk, flirty, loud, and dancing like a mad thing till dawn… but occasionally if I am already not happy I will be the sad crying, vomiting drunk, whose night ends early!

Book Challenge – A Book you would write if you had all the resources – I’m already trying to write it… my life story! I guess I ‘have’ all the resources except ‘time’!? lol

Photo Challenge – A picture of someone you love with a passion – Ahhh another one of those difficult ones, I think I’ll stick with the kids (again) after all they are the most important people in my life! 😀

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 22

One good thing that happened today – Had a great evening playing Guitar Hero, then on to the pub for Pool with some great friends 😀

Song Challenge – A song that you listen to when you’re sad – Evanescence, Bring me to Life

Book Challenge – Favorite Series… decisions, decisions there are a few great series of books that I enjoy I guess as I’ve probably mentioned some of them before for other days I will choose ‘The Sooky Stackhouse Mysteries’ by Charlaine Harris for this challenge – This is the series that inspired the TV spin off ‘True Blood’ which I ‘love’ 😀

Film Challenge – A film that you always watch with your friends… well we don’t usually ‘do’ film nights but a few of us have been meaning to have a ‘zombie fest’ night and top of the list for that is ’28 Days Later’

Status Challenge – Your funniest prank, ohh dear another ‘funny’ thing… I really am not a prankster, the only pranks I can think of having pulled are silly little things like sneaking a ball into the pocket on someone elses game of pool to help someone who is losing, lol

Photo Challenge – A picture of your favorite relative, I’ve got to cheat again and use a picture of 2 people, my children, I love them dearly even if I don’t always show it enough (though I am sure they know it!) I can’t believe how much they have grown up – but they will always be my babies, no matter how big they get! lol