2013 My Year in Review

IMG_0595Following on from my update on my recovery from BPD; where I mentioned the how the difficulties achieving and maintaining recovery are compounded by unrelenting crisis, I will now share an insight into some of the challenges/crises I have faced in the past year that make my achievement all the more remarkable… Continue reading


If you keep doing what you’ve always done, You’ll keep getting what you’ve always got…

English: This is a graphic representation of t...

English: This is a graphic representation of the “Stages of Change” in the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never a truer word spoken…

Hi, readers how’s it going?

I’ve not been writing for some time now. It’s odd how despite writing being one of the biggest loves in my life I go through periods where I have nothing to say, no words to type and can go ‘silent’ for months on end. I’m not saying I’m back now, cause this may just be a one-off update post, even I don’t know at the moment.

So, why the title? Well it’s like this…. Continue reading

Natural Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder – Guest Post by Virginia

St Johns wortSerotonin levels are most directly responsible for the intensity of our moods and how positive our demeanour is overall. While not every mood swing can be attributed to an offset chemical response, there is always a possibility that there could be something off-kilter in that area of our health.

While there are plenty of prescription drugs for this, it can often seem unnecessary or even unsafe to take a prescription drug for what many would deem to be simply irritability or poor behaviour.
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2013 – proof that ’13’ is unlucky for some?

Unlucky 13

Unlucky 13 (Photo credit: tim ellis)

I hoped this year would be different…

I hoped this year would be better…

I said ‘2013 is gonna be my year’ I intended for it to be a happy and prosperous year, after the last few years I could do with a bit of goodness and happiness for a change, by golly do I deserve a break from all the bad things…

So, is 2013 going to be my year or will it just prove that 13 is unlucky for some (including me!?)… Continue reading

Depression in teens and the power of beliefs – Guest Post by Denny

Depression in teens seems to be one of the epidemics of our time.

To produce a statistic is quite difficult because depression can manifest itself in many ways. Depression can cause many levels of suffering. Continue reading