Regrets? I have only one…

regret. nothing.

regret. nothing. (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

Regrets, nearly everyone has them, lots of them. People spend so much time dwelling on what if’s and what could have been, if only they had made a different choice. Regretting choices, mistakes and even things that happen that were outside of your control.

I’ve never really understood this, as the title to this post states, regrets I only have one and that one regret is something that realistically I shouldn’t regret either, because I was too young to understand the consequences of the decision I made at that time… Continue reading


30 Day Blog challenge – Day 3

One good thing that happened today: I had fun doing ‘manual handling’ training, and working in Ultrasound 🙂

Photo Challenge – Day 3) A picture of your current best friend, me and Linds again! lol

Best Buddies 😀

Film Challenge – The funniest film you’ve ever seen – really sad as I don’t ‘do’ girlie films but I ‘LOVE’ ‘Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion‘ it has me crying with laughter every time!! 😀

Status Challenge – The wildest thing you have ever done… Ohh this one could have got quite ‘personal’ but I doubt anything can beat going to work dressed like this:

I wore this outfit to work!! (It was Comic Relief day tho!)

Book Challenge – A Book that completely surprised you (bad/good) – Romanitas by Sophia McDougall, her first novel and the first time I had read something like this, the storyline revolves around the Roman Empire basically still existing today and how different the ‘modern’ world is with Romans ruling – utterly brilliant, I couldn’t wait for her second part of the trilogy… that reminds me part 3 is still in my (200+ strong) ‘to read’ pile… libraries hate me!! I buy ‘every’ book I want to read… I probably have more books than some libraries actually…

Song challenge -A song that makes you happy – Sunscreen, Baz Luhrman, reminds me to enjoy life! 😀