My List of New Things to Try 2012 – A Bucket List

Cover of "The Bucket List"

Cover of The Bucket List

Okay so as usual I’m avoiding the whole resolutions nonsense, and I have a bunch of ‘goals’ for my ROW80 challenge, along with also participating in the 50/50 challenge and Ultimate blog challenge; then (once Nikki is in order) I will be doing the Twitter and SEO challenges (Click here to visit – so you would think I have enough on my plate with all that…

Of course, I also have my OU course DD308 Making Social Worlds (my Sociology course) and my ‘Vision to Learn’ Business and Administration Course to complete – pretty sure I will be doing a chemistry course with the OU in February too.

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2011 My Year in Review Part 3

an old post card

The final post in my  year in review series is a questionnaire that I found courtesy of Katy at Storytelling Nomad (who sourced the questions from  Lynn Scheurel at

You can read Part 1 of my Year in Review Here and Part 2 Here


If you haven’t done your own review of 2011 yet, maybe this would be a good format to base your own post on!? 🙂

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Mental Health Mondays – Happiness :)


What is happiness?

Happiness is a very subjective matter, what it means to each of us will vary. When you have a mental health condition sometimes it is hard to see the moments of happiness as the constant whirlwind of lows and negative emotions can blind you to the good things in life. When every day is a challenge just to make it though alive happiness can become something you only dream of, but even when life is hell those moments – however brief they may be still occur, and we must try to hold on to them, as they can help us make it through!

So, what is happiness? Let’s start with a song…

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