Borderline Personality Disorder, Recovery and Me in 2013

Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery

October was the last time I posted here, and my stats sure show an understandably huge decline in readership – why come here if there is nothing new to read after all. A double-edged sword…

I miss the camaraderie of conversing with my fellow bloggers and keeping up with how everyone is getting on but at the same time that I do not ‘need’ my blog and reading others as a crutch to help me cope with what is still a very busy, emotional and challenging life is a clear indication of how much better I am now than I was.

That said, this may end up being a post of more than one part, as I don’t want to bore you senseless droning on for hours, but I do have a lot to cover in this long overdue update. I’m going to start with the most important topic (blog wise) BPD after all it was writing about living with Borderline Personality Disorder that really caused my blog to take off and draw people in so for my readers knowing how much this effects me now is certainly the most important thing they are interested in – for hope, inspiration and encouragement that they too can recover, so here goes… Continue reading


Sibling Relationships when you have BPD

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness (Photo credit: Gemma.E.Taylor)

Authors note – I originally wrote this piece at the request of Randi Kreger to be posted on Psychology Today, but she decided against posting it as it was too ‘personal’ and also did NOT portray me (the BPD) as having had a negative impact on my sisters – which is what is generally portrayed as the effect we have. My experience show’s that just because we share the BPD label does NOT mean that everyone with BPD has a negative impact on their families, as you will see…

I’ve read a few tales of the difficulties of living in the shadow of a Borderline sibling and they all sound like something so unfamiliar to me as to be untrue. I’m not saying they are untrue, I’m just saying the degree of misery and hurt that a borderline sibling has inflicted upon those lives is something I cannot relate to at all.

Before you all start ranting at me I just want to say I know that these things are true of some BPD’s, some of us DO make the lives of our siblings hell, a nightmare full of abuse and mistreatment. I am sad that this happens, it is just not my experience, I am not the type of BPD who make’s people’s lives miserable, I take all my hurt, pain and problems out on myself not on other people…

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If you keep doing what you’ve always done, You’ll keep getting what you’ve always got…

English: This is a graphic representation of t...

English: This is a graphic representation of the “Stages of Change” in the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Never a truer word spoken…

Hi, readers how’s it going?

I’ve not been writing for some time now. It’s odd how despite writing being one of the biggest loves in my life I go through periods where I have nothing to say, no words to type and can go ‘silent’ for months on end. I’m not saying I’m back now, cause this may just be a one-off update post, even I don’t know at the moment.

So, why the title? Well it’s like this…. Continue reading

Natural Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder – Guest Post by Virginia

St Johns wortSerotonin levels are most directly responsible for the intensity of our moods and how positive our demeanour is overall. While not every mood swing can be attributed to an offset chemical response, there is always a possibility that there could be something off-kilter in that area of our health.

While there are plenty of prescription drugs for this, it can often seem unnecessary or even unsafe to take a prescription drug for what many would deem to be simply irritability or poor behaviour.
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Poem – Don’t…

The Infernal Depths of Hatred

The Infernal Depths of Hatred (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t get close to me
It hurts

Don’t love me
It hurts

Don’t want me
I’ll run away fast

Don’t care for me
I’ll run away fast

Use me
It feeds my self-hatred

Abuse me
It feeds my self-hatred

Take advantage of me
I need it

Lust after me
I need it

I’m broken
and this is how I cope

Think it’s about time someone threw out a rope
To save me…