Natural Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder – Guest Post by Virginia

St Johns wortSerotonin levels are most directly responsible for the intensity of our moods and how positive our demeanour is overall. While not every mood swing can be attributed to an offset chemical response, there is always a possibility that there could be something off-kilter in that area of our health.

While there are plenty of prescription drugs for this, it can often seem unnecessary or even unsafe to take a prescription drug for what many would deem to be simply irritability or poor behaviour.
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Is Your Teen Depressed? Symptoms for Parents to Watch – Guest Post by Agnes

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Raising a teenager is one of the hardest jobs that most adults ever face, and this job becomes incredibly harder when the teenager is depressed. Of course, the first step in dealing with depression in teenagers is simply discovering it. Many adults overlook depression in teens because they assume that the teenage years are always marked by mood swings and melancholy. Although this is true in many cases, extreme mood swings or melancholy may be a symptom of a larger problem. Continue reading

Medical Wisdom: How to Naturally Boost Your Mood – Guest Post by Amelia



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We could all use a serotonin boost every once in awhile  Some days things just aren’t going our way, and some days – no matter how good the day is going – we just can’t seem to find any happiness. People living with Borderline Personality Disorder especially have trouble when it comes to navigating their way out of challenging mood swings. Whenever the going gets tough, however, it’s nice to turn to a host of holistic remedies to get through crappy moods. If you’re looking for a few natural medicines to get you through your down days, here are three reliable ones to turn to. Continue reading