Flash Fiction Friday – Taxi to all time…

London Taxi cab #4

London Taxi cab #4 (Photo credit: yago1.com)

Its Flash Fiction Friday again, so another short story for you from me…

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Flash Fiction Friday – Little Miss Perfect…

When I started writing this flash fiction piece I just let it flow, I had no idea where it was going and while I am used to writing dark pieces I had no idea this was what would come out. From the image you would not expect such a disturbing result, but I guess this is what can happen if you just let the words write themselves…

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Flash Fiction Friday – Photo prompt

I’m quite enjoying these flash fiction prompts from L.S.Engler and a few other ROW80 members have been following our lead now including Darlene Steelman and Eden Mabee. This prompt was actually from a couple of weeks back now (I had already got a number of posts scheduled for my blog and couldn’t fit this post in until today).

Any how, here’s my latest piece of flash fiction – I wonder if this will be another ‘creepy’ one 😉 hehe

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Five Minute Flash Fiction Friday – Waterfall Prompt

L.S.Engler has set another prompt for a five minute flash fiction piece. The prompt is an image from Five Minute Get Away. I thought I would give it a go as my last attempt was actually quite good for my first try at flash fiction, so here we go with today’s piece…

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ROW80 First Check-In!


Image by spaceamoeba via Flickr

Well, I only posted my goals yesterday evening and as such I have had very little time to work on them yet (less than 24 hours, and I had to sleep during that time! lol) but here goes anyway…

The Goals –

  • To write at least 3 blog posts each week (although 5 would be better to meet my other blogging requirements… but I do get guest bloggers and interviews at times that can fill any gaps….)
  • To write at least 750 words per month towards my works in progress (I am writing my life story and also a fiction novel  and a tinkering with a few other bits but haven’t been putting in enough effort for any of them – need to crack down and this challenge will help me do that!)

What I have done to meet them –

  • Although I have not actually written the posts yet I have 7 ideas ready to write about (a few of which I should be able to write up this evening and tomorrow). I also have 3 guest blogs to write, one interview post to add to my schedule and 3 drafts to finish writing. So I guess by the next check-in I should have ‘most’ of these completed – all being well! having posts already scheduled for the rest of this week and next week helps as I don’t need another post until 17th October (except for my check-in posts for ROW80, but I’m not counting these as part of meeting the targets)
  • I haven’t written anything towards my 750 words target yet, but it’s only the first few days of the month for me, once I have written my 1000 word essay for my Open University course then I can knock this target out, if I’m lucky I might even be able to write a few hundred words for each work in progress. My first step for my novel is to type up the character introductions I have already hand written, then I can start pulling them into a coherent order and expanding on them for the story. With my life story, I now have my medical notes so I can really start to pull together some of the extra stuff I would have struggled to include without the notes.

Well there we go, update complete, I’m off now to spend a bit of time chatting in the #ROW80 party on Twitter before getting on with the blog posts!

Look forward to reading the updates from other ROW80 participants and sharing in the ROCK THE ROW!

Until next check- in, catch y’all laters 😀 x