Photo’s, Music and Memory

Music Note Bokeh

Music Note Bokeh (Photo credit: all that improbable blue)

As the final piece for my massobs spring directive we were asked to write about the following:

In this part of the Directive we would like you to write about any photographs or music that has special significance for you. We are particularly interested to hear why they are important to you, and how they are associated with any memories. Please note that we are not asking for you to send in any images or music. Instead, we would prefer you to describe them.

However, do please include them if it helps you to respond (please be careful not to send in any images that identify you or anyone else).

As with the earlier Dream Diary and Big Society Parts 1 and 2 pieces, I wanted to share this here as well… Continue reading


10 years of Studying with the Open University

Sesame magazine

Sesame magazine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I realised a few days ago that this year marks my 10th year of studying with the Open University but I have rarely mentioned anything about my studies on my blog. Today I will rectify that by sharing my learning journey with you…

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A Round-up of the T189 Open University Photography Course

In October this year myself and hundreds of other students began a journey to develop our photography skills with the Open University.  The course ‘T189 Digital Photography: creating and sharing better images‘ is a 10 week, 10 point online module  aimed at helping you to improve your photography skills. Today, 10th December is submission day for our final assignment… Continue reading

One sentence for every year of your life so far…

Little me with a REAL alligator 😀

This was one of those occasional WordPress suggestions that caught my eye, I thought it would be fun to see if I can sum up each year of my life in a simple sentence… lets see how it goes! lol

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