Silent Saturday

Shhh let’s have a quiet day today, just a picture I’d like to share that I painted a little while ago… Continue reading


Hobbycraft and Art Materials Live at the NEC Birmingham 2011

Bearded Dragon in Acrylic, by Abbie Wilett

After spending so much time sat at home lately barely going out I decided, given that I have been exploring my creativity again lately, to pop along to the Hobbycraft and Art Materials Live show at the NEC. Hoping for ideas, inspiration and made treat myself to a few bits and pieces while I was there… Continue reading

My list of ‘New’ things to try for 2011

Stonehenge, England, erected by Neolithic peop...

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While I don’t generally make New Years resolutions I always have a rolling resolution ‘to try something New every year’. As result of this I have done a variety of things including the following:

– flying lesson
– learning to play the drums
– going to Karate classes
– Belly Dancing
– qualifying as a chef
– abseiling
– rock climbing
– a painting and decorating course
– audition for X-Factor
– joining BMF classes
– running in a race (and finishing in 7th place – not bad for a starter)
Vampire photoshoot (gallery 511)
– and many more I can’t recall offhand…

So once again it is time to choose what new thing/s I am going to do this year, currently the list of ideas stands as:

– visit Stonehenge/Avebury
– go on a solo trip
– take up photography
– bungee
– sphereing
Krav Maga
– Attend Comic Con
– go on a Track day

Whether I will do all of these things this year who knows, but at least I have a starting point and any not achieved this year can roll over to next year! So far I have already booked my trip to Stonehenge, a solo trip on a cruise of the Norwegian fjords and my ticket to the ‘Memorabilia’ Show at the NEC (Birmingham’s version of Comic Con) so going well already! 😀

Furthermore any other ideas are always welcome!

What are you going to achieve this year? 😀