Sibling Relationships when you have BPD

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness

Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness (Photo credit: Gemma.E.Taylor)

Authors note – I originally wrote this piece at the request of Randi Kreger to be posted on Psychology Today, but she decided against posting it as it was too ‘personal’ and also did NOT portray me (the BPD) as having had a negative impact on my sisters – which is what is generally portrayed as the effect we have. My experience show’s that just because we share the BPD label does NOT mean that everyone with BPD has a negative impact on their families, as you will see…

I’ve read a few tales of the difficulties of living in the shadow of a Borderline sibling and they all sound like something so unfamiliar to me as to be untrue. I’m not saying they are untrue, I’m just saying the degree of misery and hurt that a borderline sibling has inflicted upon those lives is something I cannot relate to at all.

Before you all start ranting at me I just want to say I know that these things are true of some BPD’s, some of us DO make the lives of our siblings hell, a nightmare full of abuse and mistreatment. I am sad that this happens, it is just not my experience, I am not the type of BPD who make’s people’s lives miserable, I take all my hurt, pain and problems out on myself not on other people…

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