Best real ale pubs in Redditch – guest post by Robert

Wetherspoon - The Royal Enfield - The Old Cine...

Wetherspoon – The Royal Enfield – The Old Cinema – Unicorn Hill, Redditch (Photo credit: ell brown)

With traditional British pubs closing at an alarming rate, it’s great to find a place that still has lots of knowledgeable barmen offering proper craft beer on tap in cosy surroundings. If you love a decent real ale or craft beer, you have to pay Redditch a visit. Here are some of the highlights of the local beer scene…

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Redditch Town Centre – The Hidden Gems

Redditch Town Centre is not very big, and not very well known in the World at large. Even locals probably barely notice the sights before their eyes as they wander around blindly shopping, working or socialising.

But there is beauty hidden within this small town and I for one haven’t missed it – have you?

Let’s take a walk through the Town Centre, how many of these sights have you noticed before?

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