ROW80 2012 Check-in – Final check-in for Round 1

So this is it, Round 1 done (well tomorrow is the last day officially but today is final check-in).

It has been a rollercoaster round for me, looking back over the last 80 days so much has happened in and out of the challenge… Continue reading


ROW80 2012 Check-in – The annoying lack of internet…

Don’t you just hate it when you are feeling mega productive but things outside your control have to ruin it for you!?

It has been one of those weeks this week and it isn’t going to get any better next week, which is a real let down for me as it means finishing this round of ROW80 is going to be on a low rather than a high.


Because I have no goddamn internet, and can only get online occasionally to keep up with the most important things, no time for any extras.  Continue reading

ROW80 2012 Check-in – Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Well, it has been another interesting period since Sunday’s check-in!

Although due to my internet access dying on Sunday afternoon and it will not be restored until Thursday this has impacted on how much I have been able to get done with my goals, but more detail on that below.

On top of that I have been graciously awarded with the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award by my dear fellow BPD blogger –  The Quiet Borderline.

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ROW80 2012 Check-in – Getting the mojo back

Well something certainly seems to be working out alright for me at the moment, because I seem to be getting my mojo back.

I have had a productive second half to the week and I’m really pleased with how well things are going.

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