More songs that have meaning to me…

Following on from my earlier posts That song speaks to me where I shared songs that represented the ‘Good, Bad, and Naughty’ sides of my nature I thought I would share some more songs that have meaning to me. This time I’m sharing songs I like to listen to when I’m ‘happy, sad or for strength/courage’. I’m sticking with just two songs for each category, but first I just wanted to share a song that I fell in love with when I heard it a few nights back whilst watching a new film at the Cinema – ‘Drive’ which by the way was an amazing, gory film but the best thing of all about it was the soundtrack!

This is my favourite tune from the soundtrack ‘A Real Hero’ By College featuring Electric Youth. I have been trying to find a CD by the band but no joy, can only get digital downloads (which I will do but I’m a bit traditional in that I still like to add to my CD collection! lol) I love the long intro of electronica sounds, and the simple yet haunting lyrics – what do you think?

Happy Songs

These songs are my cheesy happy tracks that I like because me and the other half will actually get up and do a fun karaoke of them, actually rather than the real track for the first one I’ve uploaded our (poor quality) recording when we did karaoke on holiday, hehe.

They also are both songs from movie soundtracks

Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship  from the soundtrack for ‘Mannequin’

I’ve had the Time of my Life – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warner from the soundtrack for Dirty Dancing

Sad Songs

These are songs I listen to when I’m feeling sad. To be honest one really shouldn’t listen to sounds that echo how you are feeling when you are upset, instead you should listen to positive songs, the opposite of how you are feeling to try and help lift your mood. But sometimes we can’t help but wallow in our own misery and when I am in that frame of mind these are the two songs I pick to listen to most often – they also happen to (strangely) be my top two favourite songs of all time, by my two favourite bands of all time…

I am, I feel – Alisha’s Attic

Stranded – Heart

Songs that give me strength/courage

If I am being sensible, when feeling low, I will choose instead to listen to songs that give me strength and courage to help lift my mood and give positive focus that I will get through whatever is causing this current low phase. These are the two songs that I find most uplifting and remind me of how strong I really am…

Something Inside (So Strong) – Labi Siffre – because I am much stronger than I often think I am!

Everybody’s Free (To wear Sunscreen) – Baz Luhrman – because life is what you make of it, we are all better than we think we are…

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30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 15

One good thing that happened today – Had a good day all round even though I was at work for most of the day 🙂

Status Challenge – A song you wish was written for you – ‘Nothings gonna Stop us now’ Starship

Film Challenge – A film you can practically quote word for word, well guess there’s none that I could do ‘all’ of it, but I could do a lot of ‘Grease’…

Book Challenge – Favorite book dealing with foreign culture – The Diary of Anne Frank 🙂

Photo Challenge – A picture of someone you wish you were – Happy being me but if I had to choose… Christina Aguilera 🙂

Song Challenge – a song that describes you… Bulletproof LaRoux

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 14

One good thing that happened today – a rarity for me, I had a ‘lazy’ day, stayed in bed for most of the day and did ‘nothing’ for the rest of it! lol

Song Challenge – a song that no one would expect you to love – haha lovely, another guilty pleasure… The Ketchup song 😉

Book Challenge – A book that should be on high school/college required reading list – Catcher in the Rye, by J.D Salinger! of course!

Film Challenge – A film starring an actress you hate – Don’t really hate any! I guess I’m not much of a fan of Shannon Doherty, but she is in a film that I do like – Mallrats

Status – Your biggest vice… smoking!! I really should quit!

Photo challenge – A picture of your favorite Animal –

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 13

One good thing that happened today – It was my day off work so I spent a lovely afternoon with my good friend Lindsay 😀

Book Challenge – Favorite childhood book – Malory Towers – Enid Blyton

Film Challenge – A film starring an actor you hate, Rat Race starring Rowan Atkinson, ewww…

Status Challenge – fill in the blank of the following… I hate _______ being late for anything!

Photo Challenge – A picture of you at your favorite store… I don’t have a favourite store!? and I certainly wouldn’t have a picture of me in a shop even if I did!? hmmm

Song Challenge – A song that is a guilty pleasure – I’m so sad I actually have a few!! lmao Ozone – Dragostera Din Tei

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 11

One good thing that happened today – I didn’t pass out when the radiographer stuck a venflon into a patients artery (instead of the vein) and blood spurted everywhere! lol

Photo Challenge – A Collage of all of your favorite things. Ahh bugger that means I’ve got to actually create this!
here you go –

Collage of my favourite things

Book Challenge – The Book that made you fall in love with reading, damn can i remember that far back!? I’ve always loved reading, I was reading from the age of 2! but I guess the earliest books I can actually remember are Enid Blyton’s so I think something like ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ would have started me off properly (and it’s a ‘fantasy’ story too, guess I was born with the geeky/nerdy mind! hehe)

Film Challenge – Your favourite cartoon film, awww thats gotta be another oldie – The Black Cauldron, the first film I ever saw in the cinema, when I was 8-9 years old 😀

Status Challenge – fill in the blank of the following I’m glad I’m not _________ fat! plan and simple, I couldn’t handle being anything larger than a UK size 12, thankfully I’m only a 6-8 🙂

Song Challenge – a song from your favorite band – which favourite band, I have several… lets go with Alisha’s Attic – I am, I feel