UK’s Top 10 Attractions – Guest Post by Serena

English: The new LED fountains of Trafalgar Sq...

English: The new LED fountains of Trafalgar Square in London, England, showing the some different colours that it can project. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are the best attractions in the UK to see when you visit? As with any of these lists, it’s always difficult to narrow down the best, but there are a few places that shouldn’t be avoided. While a few days in London should be the priority for any trip, getting around most of the UK to take in the attractions is do-able, if not perhaps in the same trip. From Stonehenge to the National Space Centre, and including the Eden Project and the Giant’s Causeway, the following list represents some of the UK’s top 10 attractions: Continue reading


What to do in London on a Saturday Evening?

Well obviously you can’t explore much of London in a couple of hours on foot but we did our best!

Staying in Shepherds Bush for the London Film and Comic Con at Earls court we had a ‘taste’ of a small part of West London on our 2 mile walk from the hotel to the Convention each day. Passing the Olympia Stadium as we walked from Hammersmith through West Kensington to Earls Court.  Our walk took us through mainly residential areas and we decided to stop for a look in an estate agents window , having made our own guess at an estimated value of the four-storey houses with basements that were the main feature of most of the streets we walked down. Using the value of our own  three-storey property in Worcestershire as a basis we had estimated these properties must be at least valued at £1 million – boy was that an underestimate! £2 million plus was a more realistic value in this area looking at the Estate Agents! No wonder the housing market in London is so stagnant!!

Having finished our day at Earls Court we had tickets for a show at Trafalgar Studios on the evening so we decided to hop on the tube (London Underground) to get there and as we had a few hours before the show we would have a look around when we got off the tube to pass some time.  Despite living in England it’s surprising how few of us take the time to explore our own Capitol City!  I had only been to London once before myself (to see Wicked at the London Apollo theatre) and my fiancee has only been for work, neither of us have been tourists in the city before.

London Eye from Golden Jubilee Bridge

So we caught the ‘district line’ tube at Earls Court heading to Embankment in Westminster where we got off.  Just outside the station were the Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges.  From these you could see the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and ‘Big Ben‘.

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben from Golden Jubilee Bridge

Statues in Whitehall Gardens

We took a stroll through Whitehall Gardensand viewed the commemorative statues and monuments, it was nice to see a bit of greenery in the otherwise concrete jungle! Outside the Ministry of Defence most of the statues and monuments were commemorative of Field Marshals and Viscounts from World War II.

Field Marshall Montgomery (Monty) outside MOD

We then walked up Richmond Terrace alongside the MOD and came to Downing Street, while there was lost of security around closer to the site, never having been before I was surprised at how ‘ordinary’ and accessible the locality around such an important place was!  I didn’t realise just how close people can get to these buildings, personally I wouldn’t allow people to get this close – but then what would I know about national security…

Downing Street

Even though it was getting into the evening it was still very warm so we decided to stop off for an ice-cream from McDonald’s as we wandered up Whitehall towards Trafalgar Square.  Passing the monument to the Women of World War II as we went.

Monument to the Women of World War II on Whitehall

Nelsons Column

I knew Nelsons Columnwas very tall but as with just about everything else so far I was surprised just ‘how’ tall it was when we got close! Trafalgar Square was busy with people hustling, bustling, passing through and stopping for photo opportunities and children having fun under the fountain as it sprayed out into the square.

Children playing under the fountain in Trafalgar Square

With the ‘Nelsons Ship in a Bottle’ and the National Gallery alongside Trafalgar Square and other interesting features nearby, including those already mentioned above and War museums, theatres, and Buckingham Palace all within walking distance there would have been plenty more to keep us occupied had we got more time to explore!  But instead it was time for us to head into the Trafalgar Studios Theatre for our show ‘Belongings’ (which you can read about here).

Nelsons Ship in a Bottle and the National Gallery, Trafalagr Square

When we came out of the theatre we headed back to the tube station at Embankment to catch our district line tube back to Hammersmith.  Whilst waiting (not long, so none of the ‘delays’ you often hear about with the tube services, for us at least) I noticed that the district line was ‘green’ on the colour coded maps and recalled that on the train the bars inside (on the way here) had all been green, I wondered if this was a coincidence so I payed close attention to the next train to arrive at the platform as it was a circle line train – which was colour coded yellow – and yes, the bars inside the train were also yellow. Now, I know that anyone who lives in or visits London on a regualr basis will think I’m silly, that ‘everyone’ knows this – but hey, gimme a break, I ‘didn’t’ know that the colours match okay, so to me it was interesting, cause it was another way to help distinguish that you were getting the right train! We had to swap trains part way through our journey (due to planned maintenance works) and get the Piccadilly Line the rest of the way to Hammersmith (Piccadilly line is blue, for those who are interested).  And that bought us to the end of our night, it may not have been a ‘wild’ time in London but we enjoyed ourselves, the only thing I didn’t like about vistiing London was that (to me) it smelt of public toilets and rotting trash EVERYWHERE we went :/ but if you can cope with the smell, it’s well worth a visit – we need to (and will) go back during the day and see some of the cool and interesting things we missed on our short visit this time!

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