Reader Appreciation and Versatile Blogger Awards

The Versatile Blogger

The Versatile Blogger (Photo credit: elcamino73)

It would appear award season is in full swing again, I’ve seen many of my fellow bloggers posting about the awards they have received lately and now I’m doing my own acceptance post!

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Versatile Blog Award again and Where else can you find me? Social Networks I am on.

First of all I have been awarded the Versatile blogger award again so I will be updating you on that.

Then I thought it might be handy to share some of the other places you can ‘find’ or ‘follow’ (or ignore, lol) me other than my blog as I know many of us actually have various social media outlets we use and can connect on and have been asked to share this information so people can find me.

So, here goes…

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ROW80 2012 Check-in – Ticking along

Of course, I’m still in ‘take it steady’ mode at the moment, but pleased to report that generally things are still ticking along quite smoothly.

I got the result of my OU T189 photography course through – I passed with an overall score of 83% which I was very pleased with 😀

I did have a big hiccup with the BPD crisis mode on Thursday night, that resulted in a bit of damage to the bathroom and some bruising, but I’d rather not go into that one…

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