Reader Appreciation and Versatile Blogger Awards

The Versatile Blogger

The Versatile Blogger (Photo credit: elcamino73)

It would appear award season is in full swing again, I’ve seen many of my fellow bloggers posting about the awards they have received lately and now I’m doing my own acceptance post!

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Journal Entry for 21.03.2012

Cigarette girl, pt.1

Cigarette girl, pt.1 (Photo credit: Kr. B.)

I woke up feeling rather happy for no particular reason, but it was a nice feeling as it doesn’t happen all that often, in fact I cannot recall the last time it did happen lately, maybe the move is already starting to help?

I slipped out of bed and picked up my phone off the chest of drawers, just after 0600am. I smiled thinking ‘oh well I’m awake now. putting the phone in my dressing gown pocket as I wrap it around me I push my feet into my slippers and head into the bathroom. Use the toilet and glance in the mirror, the unmistakable black smudge line under my eyes of the mascara I forgot to remove before going to bed, another ‘ohh well’.

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WordPress Tips – How to share your blog posts via Social networks

WordPress dashboard interface

Image via Wikipedia

After last weeks post on scheduling and adding images to your sidebar I was asked to write about how you set up your blog to publicise posts on social network sites, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So, here goes…

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WordPress Tips – Including Scheduling posts and adding images to sidebar.

WordPress Administration

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I often get asked for advice on utilising certain WordPress features. The latest couple of things that have come up are about scheduling posts (I am amazed how many people don’t even know they can do this!) and how to add the images of those lovely blog awards to your sidebar on your blog. So here goes… Continue reading

A Thank You to My WordPress Blog Followers

Hi everyone, I know I haven’t posted for a couple of days – things have been tough here (post coming soon about that). Anyway, during my absence my blog continued to attract almost as many hits as it does when I post! lol and I’ve also had comments I have had to catch up with and new followers.  And that is what I want to write about today, my followers…

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