Words come easily – except when they don’t…

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The front of Totleigh Barton Manor, Devon, one of the writing centres of the Arvon Foundation, a charitable organisation promoting creative writing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a writer, professional or otherwise I’m sure you have experienced this at some point – the dreaded writer’s block.

You might think that because I have still managed to get a post out each day this week that I don’t have that problem, but the thing is I do. That is why I am writing this post today. Continue reading


Virtual Book Tour – Doppelganger Experiment by Margaret Millmore

This is a guest post by author Margaret Millmore as part of her ‘Virtual Book Tour’. I hope you enjoy what she has to share… Continue reading

You can enjoy blogging for Business too! – Guest Post by Ruth

This is a guest post by Ruth Seba, a fellow #30dayblog challenger from Croatia. I recently wrote a guest post for her site here and she wanted to return the favour by writing one for me, so here it is – hope you like it 🙂

My husband and I recently (June 2011) opened a small store in Korcula, Croatia where we sell beautiful handcrafted filigree jewellery alongside of a small selection of Fair Trade products from Nepal and Croatian made gifts and souvenirs. It is a slightly eclectic mix but the majority of visitors to our shop compliment us on the how nice the store looks, even if they don’t buy anything!

Opening a new business in a foreign country has been daunting, exciting and we have learnt a lot! As our short tourist season draws to a close we are able to close the shop an hour or so early in the evenings 10pm instead or 11, I must admit that I am quite happy to be stepping down to a 13 hour day after working 7 days/week for 14 hours a day!

Although the season is short it has been exhausting, I am finding that I am now spending more and more time on-line than I ever dreamed I could as I try and work out how we can share our Seba Dizajn story with a wider audience and hopefully generate some out of season income!

I have surprised myself with how much I have enjoyed the blogging aspect of our Social Media ‘campaign’ and delighted to be given this chance to be a guest blogger….

I have also been pleasantly surprised by the vast amount of information and advice that is available to beginners like me.  If you have been contemplating starting a blog I say go for it! It’s free and easy and there is as much advice as you care to find available and make use of, here are a couple of links that I have found helpful;

This first link is for people who are thinking that starting a blog will be too hard for them, Leigh’s advice is practical, smart and easy to follow – have a look;


This article is interesting if you are thinking about or already writing a more ‘personal’ style of blog;


For young bloggers have a look at Sharon’s earlier piece on young bloggers she had found interesting. This blog is by a 16 year old fashion lover, her blog is full of beautiful photos;


Another useful link is to Nikki Pilkington and her series of 30 Day Challenges, you will find free and practical advice to help with your blogging, tweeting, facebook pages, ad-words and more;


If you are interested in learning more about our jewellery business, life in Croatia along with assorted other ramblings stop by my blog too; www.sebasilver.wordpress.com or look for us on facebook where we have full selection of photos of our filigree jewellery and a lot of Croatia photos.


Thank you for reading!  If you have enjoyed reading this post please share it with others who may be interested and I always enjoy receiving feedback and comments 🙂